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Music festival day shoot

Events are what we do

We appreciate even the most well scripted event doesn’t always go exactly to plan. We’re cool with that, in fact, we thrive on it. Our most creative and natural shots come from being able to adapt and stay focused on the day.

That doesn’t mean we don’t plan beforehand, we’ll scout out the venue for lighting and inner-location timing well beforehand so we don’t lose sight of capturing the big picture.

Examples of our work

Please take the time to explore our portfolio of recent work:

Concert Audience
Concert Audience Love Heart

Gritty details:

Location: Woodstock, New York
Date: August 15, 1969

Location scout, 1 week prior
Create lighting and approximate timing plan. Identify multiple venue locations.

Full day shoot, on location

1 day, includes travel



Retouching of 500-700 images.
All images will be available for electronic download.


Bring your memories to life

In addition to our still shots, we also capture the magic of your event in dynamic, high-def video. Perfect for weddings, birthday parties, and corporate or personal functions.

We have packages that suit all requirements and budgets, and can arrange for professional photo editing as well. If you’d like more information, please feel free to ask a question below.

Payment & Licensing

Payment is due 7 days following invoice date.
Full image rights will be granted once the job has been paid for in full.


Their work has an authentic feel, and their photographers are totally unobtrusive! The team captured the magic of a small local music festival I put on recently - the snaps they took will be featured in all our future PR releases! Thanks folks :)
by Anna Burton
Pricing is fair and they’re a really efficient team - candidly captured all the characters with ease for ‘around the office’ shots taken for our new website. Recommend to all!
by Sophia Turner
Compelling, modern imagery - we recently completely revamped our company social media, featuring photos taken by this rockstar team of photographers. We’ve since boosted our online presence exponentially!
by Gary Hunter

Music festival day shoot

Total $9,200.00
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