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Photo retouching for Style Quarterly Magazine

Make every shot perfect

The value of quality photo retouching lies in taking a shot that’s almost perfect, to exactly what you’d envisioned, in a way that doesn’t distract the viewer from the overall image.

All it can take to achieve this is often basic color correction, lens distortion removal, or simple blemish clearing. The art in doing this well is to harness editing methods that are so understated they are almost undetectable, which our photo retouchers excel in.

Our industry-standard retouching techniques ensure quality, efficient work in impressive turnaround times, saving you the time and money involved in reshooting.

Before and after example of edited photo of glamorous model’s face
Before and after example of edited photo of young fresh model woman’s face
Before and after example of edited photo of hand model, modelling nail polish, make up, jewellery

Editorial fashion photoshoot retouching

Number of images: 20

With the fashion and beauty world having moved away from hyper-perfect, over-edited retouching work some time ago, our team of photo retouchers prioritize a light-handed approach that focuses on true-to-life results.

Our talented photo retouchers harness cutting-edge, highly effective editing software, and employ refined and understated techniques to get the most out of each shot.

Our retouching involves the following:

  • ‘Photoshop facial’ including minimized wrinkles, evening of skin tone, correction of makeup and eyebrows
  • Facial shine removal
  • Eye and teeth whitening and enhancement
  • Fly away removal/hair tidying
  • Color and density correction
  • Body and face contouring and shaping, to customer’s preferences
  • Clothing color changes, and correction of sagging or wrinkled clothes
  • Background replacement or changes
  • Removal of background ‘noise’, such as cars, buildings, animals, and people
  • Hotspot and lens flare removal
  • Color and density correction

Price is per image.


x 20


Next steps

Following acceptance, you’ll be sent a link to an online file hosting folder to upload your original photos to.

Once your retouching is complete, we’ll upload your newly polished images into the same folder, and notify you via email.

While every photo retoucher has their own style, we prioritize the preferences of each unique customer, to ensure the end results delight every time. Whether you want a flawless, otherworldly effect for your photos, or editing so subtle that it’s undetectable, we’re happy to cater to you.

We also encourage you to let us know about any specific instructions or special requests about adjustments or additions you’d like us to include. These can be left in the below comments section of this quote.

Turnaround time

We understand that there is a real excitement in getting your retouched photos back to share with friends and family, so we prioritize a speedy turnaround time of no more than 3 business days - which we usually beat!

100% satisfaction guarantee

Our aim is to delight each and every customer, and as such, we proudly offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This means that if you’re not 100% happy with the end results of our work, we will rework your photos free of charge.

About High Gloss Labs

High Gloss Labs was formed in 1995 by a group of passionate photography ‘geeks’, who saw a need in the market to provide quality retouching services that didn’t turn the original shot into an abstract version of itself.

So much retouching can end up looking overworked, fake, or tacky. Our knowledge and experience in the photography industry has instilled a highly expert understanding of what retouching works, and for which types of photos. We believe in a light touch, ensuring your photos look as good as real life.

Our work has been used by both international and local publications, and has won prestigious industry awards for continuously high standards. We also offer restoration and colorization services for historical photos.

Whether you need a single headshot or a whole photoshoot retouched, or even need to discuss future photography projects, our team has the skills to get you the best possible results.

Payment and terms

  • Payment is due on quote acceptance
  • Payment can be made via credit card, check, cash, or online bank transfer
  • All photos remain the property of you, the customer


Better results than I could ever have hoped for! Our large wedding party was a hoot, but a lot of the photos were really crowded and uncomposed. The retouching we had done ‘simplified’ some of the key shots by removing… Show More
by Anna Burton
Simple, effective, complementary retouching, at affordable price points for every occasion. My company frequently uses this team’s fantastic skills for our website’s staff photos, and everybody really loves them!
by Sophia Turner
Beautiful results, tastefully done. We had a photoshoot done of our newborn son, to send to friends and family abroad. The retouching work these folks did was so subtle, and allowed for more usable shots of our wriggly new baby! Highly recommended.
by Gary Hunter

Photo retouching for Style Quarterly Magazine

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