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Pest control and prevention

No more unwanted guests

No matter how well cared for your home is, at times you may have the unpleasant experience of unwanted guests that just won’t leave - pests.

We understand that an infestation can be a stressful and upsetting time.

With extermination and removal of pests at your home as the first step, regularly treating your home with pest prevention treatments is the most powerful way to ensure your property is protected, and remains a safe and happy home, free from creepy-crawlies.

Cockroach extermination and preventative treatments

The Rat Race team will come on site to carry out an extermination of the cockroaches at your property. We will treat your property with high quality, non-toxic pest repellent, tailored to your needs.

Following extermination, we will carry out robust pest prevention treatments. This process will usually take approximately 3 hours, and we require the house to remain vacant for a further 4 hours following treatment, for health and safety requirements to be met.

Following extermination and preventative treatments, we will carry out appropriate measures to secure your property against potential future infestations. This will include:

  • Installation of bait and traps around your property.
  • Repairing damage caused by pests.
  • Clearing pests, and debris from pests, from your property.
Close up of pest poison bait box being installed at property during extermination
Glue box trap installation at property during pest control extermination job
Pest extermination technician in hazmat suit applying pest control treatments to property


Preparation information

We’ve included a sheet of preparation information, to keep you in the loop. This file includes necessary details around what is required of you prior to the pest control treatment being carried out at your property. It also includes details of what types of materials we use, and in what way, as well as some general best practice health and safety information.

Booking your property treatment

Following acceptance of this quote, one of our staff will contact you to book in a suitable time to carry out treatments.

We guarantee that your treatment date will be no later than 2 business days after acceptance of this quote.

Pest prevention treatments are a robust process, and usually take approximately 3 hours.

  • Unless otherwise informed, premises must remain vacant no less than an additional 4 hours after treatments have been completed.

We pride ourselves in transparency, honesty, and efficiency

Rat Race have been leaders in the pest control industry for years, and have over 200 years collective experience among our skilled and qualified staff. We are the first port of call for customers at local businesses, councils, schools, and everyday homeowners.

No nasty call-out charge

We understand how stressful an infestation can be, and we know hefty tacked-on fees only add more stress, so we don’t charge for call-outs.

Certified and compliant

Our staff are all fully certified to local and national standards, and fully compliant with regulations relating to all chemicals and equipment used in our industry.

We guarantee that any damage incurred due to methods of pest control (wall holes, pulling up flooring, accessing roof) is repaired on completion of work. For any repair work that falls out of our scope, we work alongside the fantastic team at Hammer Home handyman services.

Additionally, our pest control methods are so tried and true that we guarantee our treatments for a minimum of two months following application. If you spot any signs of pests in the two months following this treatment, we will carry out a further pest control treatment of your home, at no further charge to you.

Smiling pest control technician in uniform
Two happy staff in uniform on their way to extermination job
Uniformed pest control technician applying treatments to property

Payment terms

  • Payment is accepted via online bank transfer, check, cash, or any major credit card.
  • Payment is required, in full, no more than 30 days after acceptance of this quote (unless otherwise agreed by both parties).


The team here go above and beyond, every time! We recently discovered a cockroach nest in our basement, called these folks, and they were on-site that same day. Within two days the infestation was thoroughly dealt with, and… Show More
by Sophia Turner
Diligence and reliability are the name of the game for these pest control experts - they inspect all my rentals monthly, and due to this I’ve never had a tenant report a pest sighting. I would recommend them to fellow landlords and homeowners alike.
by Gary Hunter
Pesky pests banished for good! It took a couple of treatments, but the second was covered by the guarantee included in the price here - a quick phone call to report we’d spotted a cockroach and the team were back on site… Show More
by Anna Burton

Pest control and prevention

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