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Back and front yard landscape design

Design your slice of heaven

Make your home a haven with a complete home reinvention with creative and tasteful landscape design.

From consultation and design, arranging permits and resource consents, building and project managing, to ongoing maintenance of your project - we will take care of it all.

Beautiful landscaped back garden of house, seamlessly leading lounge area into outdoor garden
Classic and tidy suburban home with stylishly landscaped front garden
Luxurious front garden landscaping of upmarket suburban home, featuring shrubbery and topiary throughout
Tastefully landscaped front entranceway to middle-class home, established trees and thoughtful pops of color with flowers scattered amongst the garden

Initial consultation

Come into our studio for a tea/coffee/juice/water and a 60 minute consultation meeting with the designer you’ll be working with on your project.

We’ll cover all the basics, such as what ideas and inspiration you have, what your goals and budget are, dates for work to begin, and a timeframe for our designer to get back to you with concept designs and a scope of works.

Concept designs, scope of work, and consenting

Our designer will draw up concept designs based on the discussions during your initial consultation. These concept designs will also detail a basic scope of work, and some approximate timeframes for work involved.

At this stage we will also provide a fixed price quote and building contract, so that once all consents have been received, we can begin the work outlined.

Once we receive approval from you, we will then approach the relevant local councils on your behalf, to gain appropriate consent for the work required in this project.


Building and planting

Once all designs are finalized, consents have been acquired successfully, and timeframes have been communicated, we will begin work on your property.

We work quickly with a small team of licensed contractors, who prioritize efficiency, professionalism, safety, courtesy and respect for all of our clients.


Ensure that your grounds continue to look as good as they did the day they were completed, while requiring the minimum possible effort and thought from you.

Our in-house gardeners will tend to your property on an ongoing monthly basis, with special attention to seasonal requirements and weather related upkeep, keeping your newly landscaped property low-maintenance, but high impact, so you can simply enjoy.


per month

Our process and timeframes

Much planning and fine-tuning is involved in a landscaping project, from design concepts, to execution of your new landscapes.

In order to put our clients at ease about what timelines are involved and at what stage work might be at any point of work, we like to communicate our typical workflow timeframes, to be as transparent as possible.

On acceptance of your quote, we will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a time that is convenient for you to come in for your initial consultation. Generally we are available for these consultations within 3 days of quoting.

Following that, the timelines of your project, from beginning to finish, will have three rough stages:

  • Consultation and concept design: 10 days.
  • Working drawings and consenting: Between 2 and 5 weeks, taking into account any potential revisions.
  • Building and planting: 1 to 2 weeks after breaking ground.

Any further changes to the scope of work will add from 1 to 2 weeks for revisions and further building and planting.

As the landscape design process is a combined effort of the designer and the client, speedy communication is key, and can speed up the above timeframes considerably.

Client guarantee

We understand our clients are busy, and that one of the biggest turn-offs in regards to starting a landscaping project, are blown out deadlines causing the whole business to take longer than initially agreed upon.

In light of this, we guarantee that any dates agreed upon by both parties will be met (or beat!)*. Should your deadlines be breached for any reason, we will deduct 5% of your total bill per day of delays.

*Please note that timeframes are weather dependant. Should there be any changes to timeframes or deadlines due to weather restricting the work that is able to be carried out, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Payment terms and conditions

  • We require payment in full by the 20th of the month, following invoice date.
  • Payment can be made by all major credit and debit cards, electronic bank deposit, or cash.
  • All designs remain the property of Marigolds Landscape and Design, until full payment is received.

About Marigolds Landscape and Design

Marigolds is a full-service design and landscape installation company, comprised of an inspired and knowledgeable team of designers, and landscape care professionals.

Not only are we all staff fully certified with the appropriate licenses, but we’re certifiably passionate about what we do, making us the perfect combination for your landscaping project.

We pride ourselves in working synergistically with our clients to achieve their design dreams. We turn your ideas, concepts, and landscape design inspiration into a fully realized and cohesive vision, with stunning results.

We don’t just create and install reinvigorating landscaping, we also offer ongoing maintenance such as lawn mowing and arborist services for your property, which are perfectly tuned to the unique needs of each home.


Can’t wait to work with this team again! We hired the Marigolds team for some extensive landscaping in our front yard, and felt so well catered to that we decided to snag them for a full makeover of our back yard as soon as they were done! Thanks folks :)
by Gary Hunter
I finally have my dream garden! Marigolds worked with us to create a magical landscape at my home, took on all feedback and requests with grace, and worked efficiently and skillfully to get the job done. Couldn’t recommend them any higher.
by Anna Burton
I simply could not have pulled off this project without the fine folks at Marigolds. Their designers are inspired, their gardening team are a total powerhouse, and I loved the ongoing maintenance option which ensures all… Show More
by Sophia Turner

Back and front yard landscape design

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