August 17, 2019
September 21, 2019 at 11:51pm
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Jamie Hemsworth
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Tree report, management and removal from site

30 years of tree caring experience

Chups is a family run arborist service business, with 30 years combined experience in the industry.
The dictionary definition of ‘arborist’ is ‘a specialist in the cultivation and care of trees and shrubs’, and we believe therein lies our credo - care.

We care deeply for the environment, and understand that for the beautiful greenery of our world to survive and thrive, we must first care for each individual tree.

Tree report

One of Chups Council Approved Arborists will come on site to assess the health and safety of existing trees on your property, for insurance purposes, following a severe storm which damaged several large trees.

Includes full details on Tree Root Zones and Tree Health, as impacted by said storm.
Full written report on findings by our Arborist will be drawn up and delivered to customer no later than 5 working days after site visit.

Price for one Council Approved Arborist per visit.


Emergency tree care

Following Tree Report site visit, a Tree Management Plan will be provided to the customer, detailing a proposed plan to salvage remaining damaged trees and ensure the property owner is able to carry out their duty of care in the ongoing health of their property’s trees.


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Tree removal

Optional tree removal at a per tree cost, including clearing of debris and all tree roots and stumps.

Tree removal, stage 1
Tree removal, stage 2
Tree removal, stage 3
Wood chipper
Stump grinding


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Payment terms and conditions

  • Payment is required on completion of first on site visit.
  • All our staff carry mobile EFTPOS machines for card payment.
  • We also accept payment by cash, or by bank transfer (please include your quote reference number in the relevant reference field).
  • Optional additional work offers on this quote to be paid for up front on booking.

More about our range of services

We endeavour to provide the best end to end tree and shrubbery care possible, advising on all matters from

  • Tree reports, including dangerous tree reports for insurance purposes.
  • Resource consent reports relating to trees on your property.
  • Emergency tree care.
  • Pruning.
  • Section clearing.
  • and more…

Chups also provides an overall tree and shrubbery health check and care service, available for hire as a biannual service.

Questions & Answers

Scarlett Richards  August 17, 2019 at 11:06pm 

Would it be possible for your arborist to leave behind the wood chippings from the tree being removed? I can use it as mulch :)

Jamie Hemsworth  August 17, 2019 at 11:21pm 

Absolutely, we are happy to leave the wood chippings in a designated area of your property (please contact us to specify where suits you), free of charge.


Same day post-storm salvage mission for our beloved trees was a stress-free endeavour with this team! Many thanks for your prompt help and diligent work securing damaged trees and removing storm debris :)
Helpful, timely, and thorough team - we have the team in twice a year for the biannual tree and shrubbery health check on our extensive gardens, and we wouldn’t choose anyone else for reliability and price!
The most reliable team in town, especially for clearing sections - I hired them to clear a section I’d purchased to build a new property on. They cleared the section AND disposed of all debris from the property at no extra cost.

Tree report, management and removal from site

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