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Faulty HDD replacement and data recovery

Thanks for trusting RiverTech with your repairs.

We understand the crucial place technology plays in modern life, and because of this we guarantee to rescue your computer in a service turnaround time of no more than 10 working days.

Assessment and diagnostics

Consultation with one of our registered hardware technicians to assess potential faults, provide detailed diagnostic records for your device, as well as lodging all details for you and your device.


HDD replacement

One of our skilled hardware technicians will install a replacement HDD, using genuine parts sourced from manufacturer recommended suppliers. Your replacement HDD will then be tested and confirmed operational.

Price includes labor required for installation.


Following replacement of your faulty HDD, our data specialist will recover as much data as possible and transfer to your new HDD, so you can pick up where you left off.


Keeping you afloat

RiverTech has been in the IT industry for over twenty years, and our services are relied upon by government agencies and small businesses alike. Our support ranges from both in and out of warranty hardware repairs, computer software ‘housekeeping’ (virus protection, in-house infrastructure, software deployment), and custom images, as well as all the tools required to upgrade the ‘bones’ of your hardware to keep your technology up and running smoothly.

We’re also able to advise on best practices for maintaining your equipment, including everything from cleaning processes, to recommending fire protection to ensure your equipment is safe in the event of an emergency.

We take pride in proving ourselves every day as industry leaders in computer repairs and management.

CPU microprocessor to motherboard change
Battery replacement
Spinning disk to SSD upgrade
Jamie the technician, hard at work

Terms of trade

By leaving your equipment with us for service work, you confirm that you accept the following terms of service:

Our services

  • Services will be carried out in our workshop. It is the customer’s responsibility to deliver and collect any and all equipment and accessories from our workshop.
  • RiverTech carries out all repair work during standard business hours (between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays). Please be mindful of this when dropping off equipment for repair on Fridays.


  • Acceptance of this quote declares that all equipment is yours, you agree for our technicians to assess the reported faults, and on selecting the ‘quote for required hardware repair’ option, you agree to pay the costs detailed in the quote made for you.
  • Payment can be made by credit card, bank transfer, or cash.
  • Payment is required by the 20th of the month following repairs.

Guaranteed workmanship

RiverTech upholds a 3 month warranty for all parts used in repairs, and a 3 month workmanship guarantee. If the repaired fault reoccurs, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange for further work to be carried out.


I love how transparent the team here is about both pricing and timeframes! So many times IT services are needed during a ‘tech-crisis’, the situation is made more stressful by shady tacked on costs and unclear timeframes.… Show More
by Anna Burton
Complete trust is required when dealing with personal data, and complete trust is what has been earned by these superstars! They are sensitive and thoughtful about customer privacy, and don’t charge through the nose for… Show More
by Sophia Turner
As a technology dinosaur, I’m so grateful for this team’s patience - they’ve helped me maintain a healthy home computer system and answered any questions (big or small!) that have cropped up over the years. Thanks for everything!
by Gary Hunter

Faulty HDD replacement and data recovery

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