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Commercial office fire protection

Safety first

It goes without mentioning that while you want your sales team to be ‘on fire’, the damage an actual fire can cause can be swift and devastating. Savvy business owners understand that the best means of protection against fire damage, is prevention.

With simple, effective systems in place, your business, along with employee’s offices, documents, inventory, and equipment are safe-guarded with no effort required after installation - just set and forget.

Invest in the safety of your premises and all they contain with thoughtful, intuitively designed fire protection systems.

Fire hose installed on exterior of modern building
Smoke detector and sprinkler installed on ceiling
Fire alarm installed on interior wall of modern building
Fire hose being inspected by technician

Fire alarm systems

A comprehensive fire alarm system ensures instant and automatic detection of fires or smoke. On detection, your fire alarm system will perform the following:

  • Sound alarm sirens and lights
  • Summon the fire service via remote connection
  • Communicate fire location zone to local fire service
  • Initiates shutdown of lifts and air conditioning


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Fire extinguisher

Used as a powerfully immediate means of suppressing fire, a fire extinguisher is often all that’s required to suppress small fires by building occupants.

Our extinguishers are industry grade and regularly serviced by our technicians to ensure they’re fully working should they ever be required.


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Hose reel

Well placed hose reels integrated into your fire protection system are your best bet for controlling small common fires fuelled by paper, wood, plastic, rubber, textiles, or cloth.


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Fire hydrant

Should a serious fire take place, ensuring professional fire fighters have easy access to water via fire hydrants is of paramount importance.

Placed strategically around your premises at locations recommended by the local fire department, these powerful components safeguard you against potentially dangerous delays in time critical situations.


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Automatic sprinkler system

Offering state of the art protection to your premises and all occupants, an automatic sprinkler system will immediately detect changes in temperature that indicate a fire.

On detection, the sprinkler head closest to the detected fire zone will spray pressurized water onto the fire to both suppress the fire itself, and wet any potentially combustible materials in order to slow fire spread and growth.


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Rest assured with regular testing and maintenance

As part of our commitment to being a truly one-stop-shop, we offer regular testing and maintenance plans.

Regularly scheduled testing and maintenance of your fire protection system guarantees peace of mind that all systems will perform as required, when required.

Don’t wait for your equipment to fail before servicing it, allow our skilled technicians to check in and fine tune your system at regular intervals to keep them in top shape.

Our annual testing and maintenance plan includes the following:

  • Operation of each system component, ensuring proper performance in case of actual emergency
  • Testing of all emergency control functions, such as HVAC shut down and elevator recall
  • Calibration of all test equipment, to ensure any faults are detectable should they occur

After each annual testing, we will provide you with a written report confirming the status of your whole system as operational.

If there are any faults that require maintenance, we will carry out repairs and conduct a final test to guarantee all systems are working post-repair.


On acceptance

We will contact you within one business day to discuss installation dates for your system. We’ll provide you with firm timeframes for how long installation can be expected to take, and discuss any questions you may have.

Payment and terms

A deposit of 50% is required on acceptance of this quote to secure our services, the balance of which is payable on installation.

Payment is accepted with thanks via online bank transfer, credit card, check, or cash.

If paying via online bank transfer, please use your last name and quote number as the reference.

Our lifetime guarantee

We pride ourselves in working with only the very best materials, installed and maintained by trusted, industry certified technicians. As such, we confidently offer a lifetime guarantee for all materials, as well as our workmanship.

In the rare event that there are any faults or issues with any part of your fire protection system, just give us a call and we’ll be out within two working days to carry out remedial work.

About NMF Fire Systems

Established in 1955, NMF Fire Systems have many decades of dedicated fire protection experience under their belt. Staffed by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team with backgrounds in fire fighting, engineering, and the construction industry, our collective subject matter expertise caters to the unique requirements of customers both big and small.

Our close relationships with suppliers and local fire fighting bodies ensure we’re always ahead of the curve with new and emerging technologies, and kept up to date with current fire protection news and industry evolution.

We’re not just passionate about fire systems, but overall building safety and efficiency. As such, if you’re looking to install or upgrade your property’s security and monitoring system, we’d recommend our peers at Empire Security Covered.

Whether you’re a small company taking steps towards protection in the event of a fire, or a large organization with complex requirements and compounding fire risk factors, NMF Fire Systems can create the perfect custom solution for your needs.


Highly professional - transparent communication and pricing, and quick turnaround times. Our small business feels that much more protected from potential fire damage with a system tailor-made to our requirements.
by Gary Hunter
I’ve never dealt with such knowledgeable tradespeople! You can tell this team really knows what’s what, and better yet, they’ve been so patient in sharing this knowledge and explaining everything. Recommend highly to all.
by Anna Burton
Built in peace of mind. Just knowing there is a whole network of devices strategically placed around our site, ready to spring into action should a fire ever take place, is truly one of the best investments we’ve made as a company.
by Sophia Turner

Commercial office fire protection

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