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Excavation equipment hire

Get the job done for less

Save your business money and time by renting from our well-maintained, industry leading fleet of equipment.

Paying a fraction of the total price to use top of the range equipment that’s regularly serviced ensures you have access to the tools you need, when you need them, for a price that truly works.

Excavator Hire - Per Day

Type: Crawler
Operating weight: 17 tonnes
Digging depth: 6.25 m
Bucket capacity: 0.94 m³
Engine power: 90 kW

With 360-degree range for freedom of movement to access every area of your site, this machine has the ability to move heavy materials such as earth, silt, rocks, or trash with ease.

  • Minimum hire period is 1 day
Multiple excavators work to clear earth on job site
Excavator in process of clearing earth from construction site


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Alternative Option: Backhoe Loader Hire - Per Day

Operating weight: 8.10 tonnes
Bucket capacity: 1.03 m³
Engine power: 80 kW

Boasting many of the features of a tractor (such as a combination excavator and front loader, as well as a whole host of extra tools), backhoe loaders offer the ability to effortlessly maneuver around tight job sites to thoroughly dig down and remove unwanted material.

With the benefit of being able to load the materials being removed onto the backhoe, this piece of equipment saves time by minimizing trips to the waste bin to unload materials.

  • Minimum hire period is 1 day
Backhoe Loader moves earth from construction site
Backhoe Loader sits on job site, ready to clear unwanted earth and debris


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Optional: Dumpster Hire - Per Day

Capacity: 8 m³

The most efficient, tried and true means of clearing waste materials from a job site - the humble dumpster.

Designed to capture basically anything that’s not soil or earth, our rental dumpsters are easily removed by one of our company trucks when it’s convenient for you, just give us a call to pick up.

  • Price is per day, with a minimum of 1 day
Large yellow metal dumpster on job site, ready to collect rubbish and debris during construction job
Multiple large yellow metal dumpsters for collection of construction waste


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After acceptance

We will contact you within 24 hours of accepting your quote to lock in the details of what dates and times you require our machinery for, and when is suitable for them to be delivered.

Money-back guarantee

We have authorized technicians service our machinery after every rental job they’re used for, ensuring everything is working exactly as it should be.

If for any reason you’re not happy with the machinery you’ve rented, we will provide a 100% refund.

Conditions of payment

  • We require a 10% deposit payment prior to machinery being delivered, with the remainder paid on delivery
  • Payment can be made via cash, card, credit, or check

HireBuild: Historically reliable

Since our inception in 1912 as a local building goods and machinery company, we have provided the best quality tools required to carry out all manner of construction work - big or small.

From providing machinery for construction by commercial and government bodies, to residential work, our staff are experienced enough to confidently advise on all manner of requirements, and answer any tricky questions that pop up over the course of a job.

We are backed by decades long partnerships with our machinery’s manufacturers, and have fantastic working relationships with local remodeling & construction companies, ensuring regular servicing is carried out by trained technicians using authorized and genuine parts, and we remain up to date with current industry standards.


First class equipment, first class customer service! I’ve rented several pieces of machinery from these folks and have never had an issue. Highly recommend to all.
by Sophia Turner
As a property developer, this place is my secret weapon! I’ve managed to carry out huge chunks of construction work with equipment I’ve rented here, saving me big time in site development costs.
by Gary Hunter
The perfect selection of equipment for eager home renovators on a budget. No need to bankrupt yourself buying machinery you’ll only use once! If you’re working on your property, give them a call - they’ll help you out.
by Anna Burton

Excavation equipment hire

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