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Framing for rare giclée print

Love your art back with quality framing

Finding the perfect frame for your beloved artwork is no easy task, but our experienced staff have over 30 years of knowledge and skill to properly advise you on the best choice for your pieces.

From frame selection, to quality matting, finished with industry quality glass, our framing services ensure your art is protected against the elements soundly and stylishly.

Custom frames
Glass options
Experienced framing staff

Custom frame

Print dimensions: 22" x 28"
Frame dimensions: 24" x 31" (including 0.8" frame)
Color and style: Black lacquer gallery frame

A timeless and simple frame style, painted with sophisticated high gloss black. This frame is the perfect way to bring more traditional, antique pieces of art into the modern age, without detracting from their old-school cool.

All frames include hanging wire and D-rings, ready to hang.

Custom made frame
Wire and D-rings



Color: Arctic white
Border dimensions: 2" x 3"

Using the finest quality acid-free, museum-grade matt boards and backings, your piece will be held in place with specialty paper-tape that is pH neutral, and specifically engineered to cause no damage to delicate artworks.


Framing glass options

All glass that we use is of premium quality, with features that simultaneously protect and proudly display your art to exhibition standards.

However, depending on each individual piece, and where it’s due to be displayed, the requirements of the framing glass used can vary substantially.

Please select your preferred framing glass from the following options:

The gold standard of framing glass, our museum glass is the highest grade glass option on the market. Used in the museums it’s named after, this glass not only acts as a barrier from dirt and dust, and blocks 99% of damaging UV light rays, but it’s also almost invisible.

This glass has a stunningly natural effect, and with anti-reflective qualities it is perfect for use with art that is displayed in environments with lots of light that typically cause unsightly glare when being admired.


Take protection of your artwork to the next level with high quality conservation clear glass. Providing protection from environmental detritus and fingerprints, this glass type also blocks up to 99% of the harmful UV light rays that can cause fading and discoloration.


Not selected

The most economically friendly option of our framing glass, our clear glass does what it says on the packet. Sturdy, clear glass that protects your piece against environmental harm such as fingerprints, dirt or dust.

Clear glass does not offer protection against sun damage or fading.


Not selected

After acceptance

We will contact you after acceptance of this quote to discuss details of the artwork to be framed, as well as any time frames that are involved.

If you have any questions or would like more details on any part of our process or materials, we’re happy to help!

Manufacturer’s warranty

The team at Framed are a proud group of experts, passionate about the work we do and the industry we work in. We put 100% into every single project we produce, and have high standards for quality of materials and workmanship across the board.

As such, we provide a full manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring that if there are any genuine faults or issues with our framing, we will repair it or refund you.

Payment information

We politely request payment in full, prior to commencing work on your framing.

Payment can be made via check, cash, online funds transfer, or any major credit card.

All about Framed

Framed was born out of necessity by two sisters, following a career working in galleries and the art world. With a deep knowledge of the business and what quality framing actually is, they set out to bypass the tiresome and hard to navigate world of framing they’d come to know.

30 years down the track, and multiple stores nationwide later, Framed has worked hard to carve out a niche as true masters of their trade, and reliable industry favorites.

Whether you have the piece to be framed already, or need to discuss high quality photography and printing, we’re happy to help.

Finding the perfect frame for your beloved artwork is no easy task, but our experienced staff have the knowledge and skill to properly advise you on the best choice for your pieces.


Even the most delicate work is framed with ease! I had an old family document that is incredibly delicate that I wanted framed for my father’s 60th, and am so happy I found this place. They really respect the pieces they  More
by Sophia Turner
Reliably excellent, no matter what the job. This crew are true experts when it comes to framing. I’ve been using their services for years and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Recommend to anyone who needs quality framing.
by Gary Hunter
The finest materials and the best service in town! Preparing artwork for exhibitions can be a timely and expensive process, and this team just get it. Big or small. Print or fabric. Done by next month, or next week - they’re the people for the job!
by Anna Burton

Framing for rare giclée print

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