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HVAC ductless heat pump and installation

Breathe easy

Investing in a heat pump will put you in control of the climate of your home. It will bring the breezy comfort of endless summer to you, all year long.

Heat Pump - Indoor / Outdoor Unit

Acme Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump:

  • 4.3kW heating / 3.5kW cooling.
  • Remote control, plus iPhone/Android app control.
  • Power diffuser.
  • Human (movement) sensor.
  • Quieter outside unit, quieter indoor unit.
Outdoor and indoor heat pump units with remote control for HVAC system
Modern indoor heat pump unit with remote
Spinning fan on outdoor heat pump unit, part of a modern HVAC system



Installation will take approximately 3 hours to complete, and will include both your indoor unit, and the corresponding outdoor unit, connected via copper pipe.

The outdoor unit will be installed on the northmost available wall, with the indoor unit installed high on the interior side of the same wall.

No preparation is required by you, and you’re not required to be present during installation (if you don’t want to be). Any debris from installation will be completely cleared before we leave the site.

We also supply an electrical code of compliance to you following completion of this installation.


HVAC systems work hard to ensure the quality and comfort of the air in our homes, but are often neglected and sometimes left uncleaned for years. A dirty filter in your heat pump can not only be pushing dust and dirt through your home, but also impact the performance of your unit, which costs you money.

Our comprehensive maintenance and cleaning plan includes a full, comprehensive health check of your air conditioning system. We will clean all of your filters and associated component parts, perform diagnostic tests to ensure it’s working efficiently and continues to provide the best possible air conditioning.

Technician professionally cleaning dust and debris from air conditioning indoor heat pump unit with brush
Smiling young technician performs maintenance and repairs on indoor HVAC unit
Professional air conditioner technician removes filter from indoor HVAC unit to clean for optimum performance


per year

Next steps

On acceptance of your quote, we’ll contact you to arrange a suitable time and date for Summer Breeze to come onsite to your address to fit your new heat pump.

Our on-site expert will be prepared with documentation on current market air conditioning unit specifications, ready to answer any queries you may have or provide more in depth information about products, processes, and local regulations.

Payment Terms

  • Payment is expected in full on the date of installation, unless prior arrangement has been agreed upon.
  • Payment is accepted via cash, bank transfer, or major credit card.

Our Guarantee

We conduct rigorous testing on all equipment we sell and install, however if there are any issues with your new heat pump within the first 30 days of operation, we will replace it with a new unit.

In addition to our 30 day guarantee, our products all have a three year warranty including on-site warranty repairs.

About Summer Breeze

The air you breathe is as important as the air you breathe, and at Summer Breeze we ensure your ventilation and air conditioning is of the highest quality available.

Our dedicated team of experts know the world of HVAC products and innovation intimately, bringing you time-tested products, as well as top of the line, new and exciting innovative solutions for your home.

If you’re looking to install a heating system to complement your new air conditioning, our affiliate parners at Fire At Home are industry favourites.


The fairest deal around! Installing an HVAC system is always going to be a considerable investment, so working with a reliable and honest team is a must. I couldn’t recommend these folks any higher for trustworthiness and affordability.
by Sophia Turner
What an upgrade! No need for tacky fans this summer, we’re kicking back in style with our new HVAC - it’s cool when you need it to be, and quickly warms up if things start getting chilly.
by Gary Hunter
Timely and affordable - these folks have price ranges to suit every budget, and are always willing to work around busy schedules to carry out installations when it’s convenient. Couldn’t recommend them any higher!
by Anna Burton

HVAC ductless heat pump and installation

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