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Home heating system

Keep the home fires burning

Our central heating systems are powered by state of the art radiators that capture the best in both heating functionality and modern technology.

With a radiator system as reliable as a roaring fireplace, yet ten times friendlier for your family and the environment, your home will be warm, comfortable, and dry, all through the cold months.

You’re in control

All of our central heating systems include a control panel with a built in thermostat, guaranteed to reduce your power bill.

Your central heating system is driven by a natural gas powered, water based boiler, which heats the series of radiators throughout your home. This method is cheap to run, efficient, and reliable.

By harnessing accurate measurements of your home’s temperature, and tuning into ‘heating algorithms’ that stunningly predict what optimal temperatures should be in your home, your control panel sets you up for real comfort.

Central heating package

Your package includes:

  • Radiator system and auxiliary installation parts (such as wall brackets, pipe connectors, etc).
  • State of the art control panel and full introductory usage debriefing.
  • Labor costs associated with installation of your central heating radiator system.


What to expect next?

On the date of your installation, we will come to your home, install your central heating radiator system, and set up your control panel with you.

The installation process will take approximately three full business days (24 hours in total).

Our onsite experts are ready for any questions you may have, and will walk you through the whole set up process, ensuring your Fire At Home system is configured optimally for your home.

We’ll also check that your insulation is up to code. Having good insulation allows for optimal heat retention.

Conditions of payment

We politely request a downpayment on this quote of 10% of the total quote price.

This downpayment is required on booking your installation, unless otherwise arranged.

The outstanding balance is due 7 days following installation.

We accept payment via:

  • Credit card.
  • Debit card.
  • Check.
  • Online funds transfer.


A dedicated and knowledgeable team, happy to answer any and all questions about my new central heating system. Highly recommend to all!
by Sophia Turner
Efficient and pleasant to work with, from customer service at their store to the friendly onsite technicians that installed our new radiator system, we felt totally taken care of :)
by Gary Hunter
No need to be nervous about installing central heating with these guys on board! Installing a radiator system for central heating has intimidated my wife and I for years, but with this team it turned out to be a breeze from start to finish!
by Anna Burton

Home heating system

Total $15,499.00
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