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Custom furniture upholstery

Bring new life to your favourite furniture

Reinvigorate your well-loved antique furniture with skillful application of quality upholstery that perfectly fits your current lifestyle and aesthetic.

Professionally upholstered retro occasional chair in mustard colored cloth on wooden floor in light and modern living space
Scandinavian styled sofa neatly upholstered in chic linen fabric in rustic lounge
Pair of mid-century occasional chairs upholstered in dark red luxurious velvet
Plush sofa in light, airy lounge area, skilfully upholstered in quality grey linen material
Unique statement chair upholstered in rich brown suede material, backed with fashionable patterned print
Vintage chair upholstered in stunning grey velvet material, sitting in modern, stylish lounge
Designer lounge chair upholstered in forest green velvet in botanical themed living room
Quirky antique duck-egg blue suede lounge suite in arty home
Stylish interior design featuring luxurious royal blue velvet lounge suite with matching lounge chair, both upholstered in the same color but different fabric

Antique lounge suite upholstery

Each upholstery job is carried out meticulously by hand, ensuring that your furniture looks as good as it did the day it was bought, and continues to last for years to come.

Fabric: Suede
Pattern: Chevron
Color: Forest green
Type: Three piece lounge suite

Due to the intricate care taken for each job, an approximate turnaround time for this work would be 10 working days.


Over time furniture can lose its ‘oomf’. This is often due to the gradual wear of the padding that gives your furniture its shape.

As such, we recommend replacement of furniture padding during the reupholstery process, as this is beneficial to both the level of comfort your furniture provides, as well as its structure and appearance.


Satisfaction, guaranteed

Many of the pieces that we upholster are delicate, aged pieces of furniture that have been passed down through generations. As such, we understand the importance of treating these pieces with delicacy, and respect.

We work closely with our customers to ensure their vision is realized, and ensure the pieces we work with don’t lose their charm.

If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with our upholstery work, we will work with you to get your piece as you desire - free of charge.

Payment terms and conditions

  • We require payment in full prior to beginning work
  • Payment is accepted with thanks via check, cash, credit, or online funds transfer
  • Please use your quote number for payment reference if paying by online funds transfer

About Chairleaders

Chairleaders was created by two brothers with a passion for custom furniture and quality upholstery back in 1979. Since then, Chairleaders has grown into the nationwide, multi-store, industry favourite that they are today.

With enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and experienced teams staffing each site, Chairleaders consistently delight and inspire with their upholstery work, and take genuine joy in restoring beloved items of furniture to their former glory.

Our client base is as many and varied as the pieces we’ve worked with - from individuals with family heirlooms, to businesses kitting out whole offices in company colours.

Whatever your upholstery needs, we have the tools, talent, and experience to achieve the best possible results.

Upholsterer works skilfully on antique furniture to prepare for replacement of chair fabric
Concentrating upholsterer sewing new fabric onto lounge chair with precision
Upholsterer operates sewing machine on delicate leather material


From drab to fab! I inherited an antique lounge suite that had great bones but needed much work to be brought into the current day. Chairleaders upholstery work managed to both honour the original styling, as well as update it with my personal taste.
by Gary Hunter
Within budget and on schedule! We hired them to upholster existing furniture at our main offices, for which they provided competitive pricing AND completed the job quicker than the estimated turnaround times other businesses provided us with. Superstars!
by Anna Burton
What can I say - their work is world class. After my cats made our sofas their scratching posts, we had to get some serious damage control carried out. These folks brought our sofas back to their former glory with no fuss at all!
by Sophia Turner

Custom furniture upholstery

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