Solar System Installation and Connection

Clean, cheap, sustainable energy

Solar power has been on the cusp of mainstream living for over five decades, yet never before has it been this easy to get on board.

A solar system from Light Work Solar Energy can save you, on average, 30% of your household power bill per year. Solar power not only looks after your wallet, it looks after the environment too.

Keep the planet in mind, and make Light Work for you.

Solar panels on new house
Poolside solar
Solar panels retrofit to old house
Solar panels on townhouses

No Money Upfront ‘Lease to own’ scheme

With our No Money Upfront scheme, the costs of the panels, installation, connection, and all matters associated with operating a solar system, are broken down into an easily digestible 10 year ‘lease to own’ contract of monthly, no-interest, lease fees.

Light Works full solar system

Your package includes a set of fourteen solar panels, all installation and connection fees, and all auxiliary fittings (as laid out in the ‘Installation and connection’ item).


per month

(for 120 months)

Next steps

We will draw up design plans and a detailed plan of work for installation and connection, including confirmation of optimal locations for your solar panels to be installed, as well as when this would be convenient to do.

We will liaise with your power company on connection matters, communicate with your local authorities to ensure all relevant consent has been obtained, as well as installing your new solar power meter.

Installation and connection

On the scheduled day of installation we require approximately 6 hours to complete our work and carry out relevant testing to ensure your new Light Work Solar Energy system is working as expected and ready for connection.

Included in your Light Work Solar Energy system:

  • Inverter.
  • Mounting.
  • Electrical connection components.
  • Solar power meter.

Follow up and guarantee

Two weeks after your installation and connection date, one of the Light Work Solar Energy support staff will be in touch via phone to check on how your new system is working.

We guarantee your solar panels, all associated installation work and auxiliary fittings for your solar system, for the duration of your lease term with us.

Any faulty parts will be repaired or replaced within one week of the fault being lodged with Light Works Solar.

Payment and lease terms

  • Lease terms are stipulated and contracts are reviewed and signed during pre-installation scoping visit.
  • Lease payments begin the week of installation.
  • At the end of the lease period, all solar system equipment is the property of the customer.


If I could give them 10 stars, I would! From quoting to installation, the team has been happy to answer any questions with good cheer and fantastic product knowledge. I will be referring them to all my friends looking to instal solar panels!
We just about wiped out our energy bill after upgrading to solar! My only regret upgrading to solar is not doing it earlier - the installation was a breeze, and the team were happy to explain how to track our solar activity. Highly recommend to all :)
Within the week, my house was solar powered! I can’t believe how quick the process from quoting to installation was. They’re not the cheapest in the business, but for peace of mind, quality, convenience and expertise - I’m happy to pay.

Solar System Installation and Connection

Total $120.00 per month (for 120 months)

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