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Sales Price Quote - A Simple Guide


Before you dive into the pricing detail, you might like to write a brief introduction about your offer, explaining how your customer will benefit from this deal.

The main purpose of your quote is to present your customer with just enough detail, including firm pricing, along with any additional options, so that they can confidently accept it via the online acceptance (see below).

Alternatively, if you’re presenting a more indepth analysis of a problem and then proposing a solution, you may like to structure your Quote more in line with a business proposal.


It’s likely that your customer has already requested a price for a particular product or service. So now it’s just a matter of outlining the prices and listing all relevant details.

The product/service

It’s not just about the price, so list all of the features, functions and benefits that come with the deal.

Include images and files to help explain your offer.


This is your chance to “upsell” your customer on things they didn’t ask for, or things they didn’t know they needed. Don’t be afraid to offer such options – your customer will see this as great service!

These costs won’t add into the total unless they’re selected.


Not selected

Recurring (monthly) costs

The best business is ongoing business! Here’s why...

  • It’s good for your customer, because it shows you’re in for the long haul.
  • It’s good for you, because it’s assured ongoing income.

So if it makes sense to offer an ongoing service, you can specify these costs on a monthly (or weekly/yearly) basis. This keeps them separate from the upfront costs.


per month


Specify your payment terms, including:

  • When payment is due.
  • How the customer can pay.
  • What the penalties are for late payment.

Be sure to include some cancellation terms, if you’re offering an ongoing service.


If you’re selling a tactile product, your customer will want to know what sort of warranty it comes with. What’s covered by the manufacturer? Is there something extra that you’d cover? How many months/years is the warranty for?

If you’re selling a service, your customer may not be expecting a guarantee. But if your work is so good that you can confidently back it up with a guarantee, then you should offer a guarantee. Chances are, your competitors would be too afraid to offer anything like this.

About Us

Sell yourself and your company, but keep it relevant to the product or service you’re offering.

Qualify your experience or specialty in this field.

If you’re offering a service, make your availability known, and make it clear that your company has the resources ready to provide the service in the time required.

Next Steps

Explain what happens next. Reassure them when the product will be delivered, or when the service will start, or when the work will be conducted.

Point out that they can ask questions directly below and that they can accept this quote when they’re ready to proceed.


This team is the best in the business. They came up with the perfect solution to suit my requirements. They certainly exceeded my expectations, as they went above and beyond what I’d asked for. I’ll be a customer for life!
by Gary Hunter
Right from the get-go, these guys have been great to deal with. From their simple and easy to understand price quote, right through to their delivery! Our business is very grateful that we came across this team.
by Anna Burton
Worth every cent! Look no further than these fine folk. Not only did they cost up what we asked for, but they included a few additional options that we hadn’t really considered before now – we went ahead with everything,… Show More
by Sophia Turner

Sales Price Quote - A Simple Guide

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