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Restaurant cool room maintenance

Stay cool

No matter what business you’re in, issues with refrigeration are uncool for a number of reasons. Whether your power bill has been creeping up, your equipment isn’t adequately cooling as it should, your seals don’t seal like they should, or you’ve spotted a mysterious leak... whatever your problem, we’re fully licensed, trained, and ready to remedy your situation.

We offer over 30 years of industry experience, fully licensed and nationally certified staff, and 24/7 availability.

Cool Room Maintenance Plan

Avoid the panic of an urgent service call-out with our scheduled cool room maintenance plan.

Every month one of our experienced technicians will visit your site and carry out a full inspection of your cool room to ensure that it’s running to optimal temperatures, all parts are fully functional, and repairs or replacements are carried out as required.

Included in your maintenance visits is:

  • Full clean of your equipment
  • Temperature check
  • Check defrost frequency settings
  • Fix any leaks and inspect seals
  • Check all refrigeration lights and machinery are operating as required
  • Thorough clean of coils and fan blades


per month

Timeframes and next steps

Upon acceptance of this quote, our friendly team will contact you to discuss a suitable date and time for your first maintenance visit.

Our visits typically take 2 hours. We require at least 48 hours notice should you need to reschedule your visit.

We understand the importance of minimizing interruption to your business, so are happy to carry out maintenance either early in the morning before opening, or late at night after closing.

Payment and terms

  • Payment is required on acceptance, prior to your first scheduled visit
  • We require a minimum commitment of 6 months for our services
  • We accept payments via online bank transfer, check, cash, or card

Workmanship guarantee

We pride ourselves in a high standard of workmanship that is code compliant with national standards, across the board. As such, we off a 5 year workmanship guarantee. Should there be any issue at all with any of our work, we will remedy it free of charge to you.

About On Ice

In business for over 30 years, and favorites of local business owners for their reliability, tenacity, and trustworthiness, On Ice have become the go-to for all matters refrigeration.

Not only that, but if you need recommendations for other industry-best suppliers, we can also put you in touch with the team at The Last Straw hospitality supplies to fill your newly spruced up cool room!

Our staff are thoroughly trained and highly knowledgeable in diagnosing faults, remedying tricky issues quickly, thoroughly, and with the highest standards.


Always on time, always professional, always pleasant to deal with. We’ve relied on the team here to keep our restaurant cool room operating optimally for two years now and have nothing but praise for them.
by Gary Hunter
Totally forgettable - in a good way! The On Ice team service our chiller once a month in the dead of night, out of cafe hours. Our equipment just keeps working exactly as it should with no need for input from us. Like magic!
by Anna Burton
Absolutely the most honest team in the business. If there’s something they can fix instead of replace, if there’s some way they can save you time and money, they’ll go out of their way to do it. I can’t recommend this team highly enough
by Sophia Turner

Restaurant cool room maintenance

Total $280.00 per month
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