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Charter Flight: Los Angeles to London

Thank you for choosing to travel with Luxus Jet Charters

Our team of certified pilots, and experienced crew, are delighted to welcome you aboard our luxury jet for your upcoming journey.

Please find below all details of your aircraft, flight, and crew. If you have any questions, or would like to make amendments to your quote, please use the questions section down below.

Aircraft details

Aircraft: Midsize luxury jet
Capacity: 15 passengers
Range: 7,300 mi / 11,748 KM

Capable of flying anywhere in the world, our midsize luxury jets offer are the best possible travel option for both reliability and high-performance.

The 1700 cubic foot cabin seats 15 passengers comfortably, with three spacious areas offering low noise levels throughout.

The cabin boasts a full-sized galley for food and drink preparation, power outlets, stable wifi connectivity and cable TV, as well as luxurious bathroom amenities that are separate from the crew.

Midsize jet in the air
Midsize jet outside hanger
Midsize jet ready for takeoff

Flight details

Route details: London to New York, return
Journey duration: 7 hours 30 minutes, per flight

Flight departure: London, 1920 (GMT)
Flight arrival: New York, 1950 (EST)

Flight departure time: New York, 1740 (EST)
Flight arrival time: London, 1740 (GMT)

We request that all passengers report for check in no less than 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure.

Our pilots in cabin
Crew welcoming clients aboard
Our friendly pilots


x 15


In-flight services

Crew members: 2 stewards available for the duration of each flight

Our dedicated charter flight crew are experienced in providing the finest in luxury travel care, and offer full concierge services. Should any need arise for arrangements to be made on the ground, please alert staff of your requests.

Two hot meals and accompanying drinks are provided during your flight, prepared by our skilled fine dining chef.

A full bar is also available on board compliments of Luxus, with all cabin crew fully trained in mixology.

Our aircraft include private sleeping quarters to ensure privacy and comfort for your journey.

Luxury seating
Spacious interior
Business or pleasure
Spacious interior seating

Through our carbon offset scheme, we calculate the fuel emissions for your trip, and partner with verified carbon offset projects that allow you to contribute to neutralizing carbon created through flying.


After acceptance

We will contact you to confirm your booking and discuss any pre-flight information relevant to your trip, such as the location of our hangar and whether you require our concierge to arrange for transport to your flight.

We will also discuss dietary requirements for your in flight meals, and any preferences you may wish our gourmet chef to build into your personalized menu.

Security policy

Prioritizing a combination of both regularly and thoroughly maintained aircrafts, and diligent, rigorously trained, safety conscious staff across the board, we at Luxus are confident in offering you comfort that derives from luxury as well as safety and security.

We are committed to the safety of our passengers and our crew. As such we conduct exhaustive security checks on all Luxus staff, carry out full inspections of our aircrafts before each and every flight, and are adequately insured against any damages or risks to our staff, our passengers, and any property of either party on board.

Our pilots are fully certified and licensed for jet flying, and you can relax with the knowledge that we only employ staff that are accredited and participate in ongoing due diligence checks and training updates.


  • We require payment in full on acceptance of this quote.
  • Payment can be made via credit card, check, electronic funds transfer, or bank deposit.
  • If electronically transferring payment, please deposit into bank account number 5555-5555-5555, with your quote number (listed at the top of the page) as the transfer reference.

If for any reason you need to reschedule your booking with us, we require a minimum of 48 hours notice.

Our commitment to the environment

At Luxus, we acknowledge the impact the aviation industry has on the environment. As part of our responsibility to the planet, and as citizens of the world, we are committed to off-setting our carbon footprint, minimizing CO2 emissions, and maximizing fuel efficiency as much as practicably possible.

Luxus: Luxury, in flight

Whether for a milestone birthday or anniversary, or simply to ensure you reach your destination in optimal comfort and style, Luxus provides the best air travel experience money can buy.

Our pilots each have millions of miles of air time under their belts, and are experienced and trained in procedures specific to private jet charter flights. Each of our pilots undergo regular, rigorous re-education programmes, guaranteeing the most up to date, watertight knowledge of current aviation training and safety.

With a host of staff trained internationally at some of the world’s leading destinations for fine dining and silver service, not only are you carried from point A to point B in pure opulence, but your every want and need is catered to with ease while on board.

Don’t let your adventure end with your luxurious flying experience—ask our friendly team for information on our industry partners Wave Prestige, who offer some of the most spectacular yacht charter experiences in the world.

Our clients range from business professionals with busy schedules, to touring musicians requiring safe passage across multiple tour stops, to individuals wanting to celebrate the finer things in life. No matter who you are, experience how flying should be with us today.


Simply the finest flying experience. My wife and I decided to go all out for our 30th wedding anniversary, and couldn’t be happier with our decision to fly with Luxus. We were spoiled rotten from the word ‘go’ and would recommend the experience to all.
by Anna Burton
The trip of a lifetime! Not usually a family familiar with ‘luxury’ anything, we decided to charter a private jet for our mother’s 80th birthday. From the moment we boarded, we were part of a truly magical experience that none of us will ever forget.
by Sophia Turner
A real lifesaver when travelling for business. I’ve travelled with Luxus on multiple occasions as my job requires frequent international meetings. Flying private allows me to work comfortably while in the air, and get where… Show More
by Gary Hunter

Charter Flight: Los Angeles to London

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