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Powder Coating Services

Attractive. Hard-wearing. Lifeproof.

Offering not only a professional, uniform surface finish that improves the aesthetic appeal of your product, quality powder coating affords long-lasting protection against corrosion, scratching, and chipping.

The process of powder coating involves applying a dry powder electrostatically to metal substrate. This is then cured in a purpose made oven at 392°F, which hardens the coating and produces a flawless finish not possible with other treatments such as paint.

Often more cost efficient than painting, powder coating also involves a quicker turnaround time than other paint systems, and effectively guards against moisture creep if damaged.

Example metal powder coated poles showcasing colorful options
Bars of metal powder coated in metallic colors
Metal brackets powder coated colorfully, lined up in a row
Sample metal pieces powder coated in various colors to show color options

How does powder coating work?

Powder coating is used widely for everyday objects, and is commonly comprised of a blend of epoxy resin, polyurethane, or polyester, and color pigments, hardeners, waxes, and cross-linking constituents for thermosetting.

There are two main types of powder coating - thermosetting polymer powder and thermoplastic polymer powder. Thermosetting polymer powder is widely preferred in the majority of cases, as it offers the most visually appealing finish, in addition to being highly protective against corrosion, and wear and tear.

Sample dishes of powder coating pigment colors, with powder coated metal in background
Powder coating technician in protective gear in the process of powder coating metal parts
Powder coating technician in protective gear powder coating a row of metal brackets
Close up of powder coated car wheels in progress
Close up of red powder coating in progress
Selection of green powder coated items
An array of cogs, springs, and metal poles that have been powder coated

Metal fencing powder coating

Fence height: 6 ft
Fence length: 395 ft
Color: Charcoal grey
Powder coating type: Thermosetting polymer powder

Our talented powder coating technicians will bring your property to life with a freshly powder coated fence. This involves an efficient four step process:

1. Pre-powder coat surface preparation
Using industry standard sandblasting, and application of the highest quality primers and undercoats, your fence will be immaculately prepared for powder coating.

2. Powder coat application
Over in our powder coat application booth, your fence will be suspended from a trolley frame, and have any dust, sand, or other contaminants removed ready for powder coating.

Using an electrostatic powder application gun, one of our powder coating technicians will apply powder in the color of your choosing, taking special care to coat any bends, nooks, or crevices that may be missed.

3. Powder coat curing
Your fencing panels are then baked in our specially designed powder coating bake ovens at 392°F. This hardens the electrostatic powder and allows for the uniformly smooth, protective surface powder coating is famous for. Following this, the panels are cooled to complete the curing process.

4. Post-powder coat quality check
Our powder coating process is completed by a final quality check by one of our specialist Quality Control Assessors, who ensures that all work leaving our site adheres to the stringent quality control standards we work to.

Price is per square foot.


x 2,370


What’s next?

Following acceptance of your quote, our friendly team will be in touch to lock in a time to carry out work. At this stage we’ll also be able to confirm an approximate timeframe for your job to be completed.

10 Year Warranty

Our powder coating technicians are highly skilled and experienced in proper application of powder coating, and we back all of our work with a 10 year warranty.

This means that if our powder coating work flakes, fades, peels, or blisters within 10 years, we will remedy this for you free of charge.

Payment terms and conditions

  • We politely request a deposit payment of 20% of your total on quote acceptance, with the balance due on completion of work.
  • Payment is accepted with thanks via cash, check, online banking, or any major credit card.
  • If paying via online banking, please use your surname and quote number as payment reference.

About Execucoat

At Execucoat, we pride ourselves in being a family owned and operated business, with a passion for providing quality powder coating services to residential and commercial customers for over 40 years.

We offer comprehensive end to end services that cover everything from pre-treatment, powder coating, stripping, and blasting, and our large, purpose-built ovens cater to everything from smaller once-off pieces, or largescale jobs.

We also pride ourselves in timely turnaround times for all jobs, and can offer ‘rush’ services should you need work done sooner rather than later.

Additionally, we have rock solid industry partnerships with other local businesses, which means that if you also want to source a new garage door to match your freshly powder-coated pieces, we can put you in touch with the best team in town.

No matter how unique your needs are, Execucoat are the best team for the job.


This team has been providing powder coating services for my company for some years now, and from the first job to the most recent they have been an absolute breeze to deal with! Absolute professionals, always happy to answer  More
by Anna Burton
I have nothing but positive things to say about Execucoat. They powder coated my beloved bike, and the results were just stunning! Better yet, their prices were much more affordable than I’d initially expected. Highly recommended!
by Sophia Turner
Friendly staff, competitive pricing, and some of the slickest powder coating work I’ve ever seen. If you need reliably top-tier powder coating services, these folks are the ones to work with.
by Gary Hunter

Powder Coating Services

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