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Premium Pool Construction

Dive into your dream pool

Bring all the joys of a poolside holiday to your backyard with a custom built, inground pool, made to measure for your property and your unique needs.

Your pool is a long-term commitment, so we prioritize not only timeless aesthetics, but utilize materials that really last, and make maintenance of your pool as easy as possible.

Each pool is designed with your individual taste and requirements in mind, and our state of the art 3D software allows you to preview exactly how everything will look via a realistic rendering of your pool.

Modern designer tiled pool at private luxury residence
Modern minimalist beach side home with tiled infinity pool, overlooking the ocean
Infinity pool at Spanish style home
Pool lit up at night, outside modern luxury home
3D rendering of architecturally designed home with large pool, overlooking the ocean
Modern pool with spa and glass fencing in backyard of luxury suburban home
Modern minimalist two-storey home with pool, lit up at night, overlooking valley of homes
Indoor pool in classy hotel

Custom concrete block and fibreglass pool

Dimensions: 33 ft long x 15 ft wide
Depth: 4 ft in the shallow end, 7 ft in the deep end
Color: California blue

Your pool will be built to the unique specifications of your property, with a poured concrete block structure containing a durable fibreglass interior.

The shallow end of the pool will have a set of three wide steps, leading down to the lounge area, and the deep end will be fitted with a sleek and stylish stainless steel pool ladder and handrail.

Our pool design and construction process also includes submitting plans to the relevant local bodies, and ensuring your pool is properly consented.


Pool filtration system

Filter: Superfilter 500 cartridge filter
Pump: Pureflow variable speed pump
Sanitation: Inline chlorinator

Employing an unbeatable team of efficiency, power friendliness, and sleek design, our filter and pump pool filtration combo effortlessly keeps your pool fresh and free from dangerous bacteria and other environmental detritus.

Your pool water will be maintained with one of our state of the art inline chlorinators, which guarantee you a higher quality of swim-safe water, and are also completely self-cleaning, saving you time and money.

All filtration equipment will be securely housed out of sight for maximum aesthetic enjoyment of your new pool.

Included with your filtration system are all the tools required for any hands-on pool maintenance; pool broom and scoop, vacuum head, hose, telescopic handle, and 4 in 1 water test kit.


Pool surrounds and coping

Surrounds: Concrete,
Coping: Bullnose, natural stone

Your pool will be completed with poured concrete surrounds, with stunning natural stone coping to complement your property.

The pool surrounds will be treated with our specialist non-slip coating, ensuring long-term, safe enjoyment of your pool.


What’s next?

We will contact you within 24 hours of acceptance to arrange an appropriate date for work to commence, and to discuss approximate timeframes for work.

Should anything change and you need to reschedule your booking, please let us know no less than 48 hours beforehand.


We only use the finest materials sourced directly from reputable manufacturers. The benefits of this are twofold; you know your pool is being constructed with only the best products, and should any component of your pool require repair or replacement, we can supply required parts quickly from the manufacturer.

We recommend regular pool cleaning by industry professionals to ensure your pool remains at it’s just-built best for years to come.

We also stand by our workmanship 100%. Should any aspect of your new pool not be of total satisfaction to you, we will remedy it at no cost to you.

Payment and terms

  • A deposit of 20% is required on quote acceptance to secure our services
  • The balance of your total is payable on completion of work
  • Payment is accepted with thanks via cash or online bank transfer

About Pure Shores Pools

Locally owned and operated, Pure Shores Pools has been proudly creating some of the region’s most stunning swimming pools for over 30 years.

Specialising in the dynamic pairing of concrete block and fibreglass pools, we offer a range of styles that are as impressive looking as they are functional and low maintenance.

Our innovative approach to pool creation has earned us multiple awards as industry and customer favourites in both design and construction, exceeding customer expectations every time.

Whatever your vision, we’ll work with you to create a pool that’ll really make a splash.

Close up of pool building plans being drawn by hand, superimposed over photo of modern home
Close up of photograph of stylish home with pool construction plans superimposed over the top, with pencil poised in hand upper right
3D rendered home with pool construction plans superimposed over the top and hand holding pencil ready to add to plan
Excavator moving earth from pool construction site, mounds of dirt
Pool construction underway with pool area excavated, wood and wire framing in place
Progress shot of pool construction with wire framing, plumbing, and concrete in excavated pool site
Pool builder filling pool framing with concrete
Progress shot of pool construction with concrete blocks and concrete in place as tradesperson continues work on pool site edges
Internal shot of pool with unfinished concrete and plumbing midway through pool construction
Pool construction worker tiling sides of pool
Progress shot of pool half tiled, tiling underway
Close up of paving and concrete finishing for pool sides


From start to finish, this team was a breeze to deal with. We expected that getting a new pool put in would be a logistical nightmare, but they took care of every detail, met every deadline, and most important of all - the end results look incredible!
by Sophia Turner
Maximum enjoyment, minimum maintenance. We had a pool put in by these folks over a year ago, and have been delighted by how simple it is to look after. We barely ever think about cleaning the pool because the filtration system… Show More
by Gary Hunter
We couldn’t be happier with our new pool! We put off pulling the trigger on a new pool for so long as it’s always tricky to find the right time to take on a project this big, but this team took the work out of the whole… Show More
by Anna Burton

Premium Pool Construction

Total $65,000.00
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