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EP recording and production package

Industry leading studios for every kind of artist

Tempo Studios has the unique benefits of a team of experienced and inspired studio staff, as well as the perfect equipment and environment, to capture the magic of a live band in studio.

Why use a professional recording studio?

We’re often asked, what place does a professional recording studio have in this digital age of DIY home-recording, and cutting-edge recording software available to all and sundry.

Simply put - musicians thrive when left to their craft. A professional recording studio allows for complete creative control over the end result, with none of the behind the scenes, technical leg-work required to get there.

With all energy focused on creative output, rather than learning ProTools 101 efficiently enough to reflect your vision, we guarantee a quicker process, more professional product, and one hell of a slick sound.

Full band live recording

Capture the magic of live performance in our state of the art, award-winning studios.

Using industry grade equipment, manned by experienced studio technicians, every detail of your sound will be recorded through the jewel in our studio’s crown, our SSL 4000 console.

Price is per hour. Minimum 4 hours.


x 4


Mastering and production

Ensure that your recording is perfectly in line with your own artistic standards, and have one of our in-house production engineers ready your work for optimum listenability across all modern devices.

We will perfect any minor flaws captured during recording, correct your recording levels and tone, and set track information so your recording is universally verifiable as yours.


Four day turnaround

Following your studio time, you’re going to be champing at the bit to get your hands on the final product of your hard work.

We understand how urgent this can feel, and as such we offer a guaranteed four day turnaround service.

Payment terms and conditions

  • A 20% deposit of your quote total is required to secure your studio time, the balance of which is due on completion of the services outlined in this quote.
  • All recorded material is copyright to you, the artist, on full receipt of payment.
  • We accept payment by all major credit cards, cash, check, or online bank transfer.

About Tempo Studios

Tempo Studios was established in 1971, and has been the artistic home of local and visiting international musicians ever since.

We offer full-service studio services - from recording to mastering and production, record pressing and distribution to artist management. Plus, if you’re looking to get your music out to a wider audience, we can recommend our friends at Chewing Gum Media to craft the best social media marketing plan for you. Whatever level of input you require, we can provide.

Whether you’re an indie artist embarking on your first recording session, or a road-tested touring band capturing the magic of a live show in studio, our experienced and inspired studio staff have the talent and knowledge to help you hit every note.

Guitarist with multiple guitars and pedal board recording tracks for album in professional recording studio
Stylish recording studio control desk with both analog and digital technology in soundproofed room
Recording studio sound engineer in control room recording band playing live music


The place allows for the perfect pairing of total creative freedom, as well as having knowledgeable, pleasant staff to provide guidance when required. Can’t speak highly enough about this studio.
by Anna Burton
Finally holding our band’s new EP! With no recording experience, we were a little lost as to where to begin the recording process. The team here demystified everything, helped us along the way, and allowed us full artistic control at the same time.
by Sophia Turner
Hands down the best place to record in town! Captured the energy of our live shows with their amazing equipment, and great recording space. I’d recommend this place to all musicians, old or new.
by Gary Hunter

EP recording and production package

Total $1,400.00
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