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Full suite, estate planning for your family

We talk in a language that you understand

Estate planning can be emotionally daunting, full of confusing legal jargon and ramifications. It doesn’t need to be. The entire process can be stress free and smooth sailing. We take our time to explain all options and critical factors so that you can make the best possible decisions.

A plan to serve your family during your lifetime and beyond

Making these kinds of plans is an ongoing process. As your life situation changes, children grow, retirement, etc., your estate plans need to change. So, we want you to feel at home and as comfortable as possible and look forward to a long term relationship.

Simple fixed price, flat rate

We are 100% transparent with fees and won’t judge you by the size of your estate. We’ll stay within your budget, so you won’t get hit with the unexpected at billing time.

Estate Planning, Full Suite Package

We’ll take care of every possible aspect of your estate planning, consulting you each step of the way until every document is 100% complete and ironclad.

Services included:

  • Take care in establishing a plan that is tailored for your family.
  • Set up powers of attorney, medical directives, guardianship, living wills and wills.
  • Provide a checklist for associated actions outside the scope of our services.
  • All printing, photocopying, binding and postage.
  • Complete all documents in an organised, modular and timely manner.


Timeframes and next steps

Feel free to ask any questions below on this quote. When you’re ready to get started simply hit ‘Accept’. We’ll be in touch with some convenient times to meet (in person or over the phone) and discuss your personal situation. From there, we’ll prepare all draft documents which can take around 2 weeks. We’ll schedule in a final appointment to go over them in detail with you.

All going well, we’ll send you final copy ready for signing. You’ll feel a great sense of relief and security, and wonder why you waited so long!

Preparation tips:

  • Consider making a list of assets in an Excel file before we first meet. This can free you up by not having to think on-the-spot.
  • If you’re including property in your estate planning, we recommend completing land surveying before your appointment with us.

Payment terms

  • We accept all major credit cards. Payment is required within 14 days from invoice date.
  • Any variation or alteration to the conditions and specifications may increase the quoted price.


Made complicated, hard to understand information easily digestible and clear - thanks for making the process of putting together our Family Trust less of a scary occasion :)
by Gary Hunter
Quick and painless! How the team made updating my estate plans due to a recent divorce easy, I will never know, but I can’t thank them enough!
by Anna Burton
I feel confident returning for any document updates over the course of my life - our lawyer was punctual, professional in all dealings, as well as a keen listener, offering help and guidance to create my living trust. Thanks again.
by Sophia Turner

Full suite, estate planning for your family

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