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Hardwood Flooring / Dining Room

Polish your home

Hardwood flooring has delighted homeowners for centuries. Quality hardwood flooring boasts the timeless and classic feel of the grand homes of the rich and famous, injecting a touch of luxury to any room.

Whereas other flooring options can date quickly and soon look tired and old, the investment you make by installing hardwood flooring ensures your home will look polished and refined for many years longer than carpet, vinyl, linoleum, or tile alternatives.

Stunning, classy kitchen and dining room with polished hardwood floors
Chic, retro lounge and dining room featuring modern hardwood flooring
Distinguished, spacious kitchen with rustic hardwood flooring
Minimalist dining room and lounge with bright, warm, quality hardwood flooring

Reclaimed oak hardwood flooring

Reclaimed Oak boasts benefits for those that prioritize both style and ethics. Using reclaimed oak means your new flooring is installed with ethically sourced lumber that has been previously used for building or furniture. Your reclaimed oak floors will add an individual chic to your home that cannot be replicated.

Oak is popular for it’s hard wearing durability, as well as how highly resistant it is to insects and fungus attacks that can require repair, and cost you money down the line.

The decorative notes of oaks natural knots and appealing grains, and color that improves with age, make it a solid design choice for timeless interiors.

  • Price is for a dining room, measured during scoping visit as 45 ft², priced per foot.
Rich dark red reclaimed oak lumber wood grain flooring
Earthy brown reclaimed oak lumber flooring with knots
Light ash brown modern, reclaimed oak lumber flooring
Beautiful blonde reclaimed oak lumber hardwood flooring


x 45


Pre-installation preparation

In order to ensure that your new hardwood floors are properly installed for hands-off enjoyment, our team will thoroughly prep your subfloors prior to installation.
Our pre-installation preparation entails:

  • Removal of existing floor coverings (carpet, vinyl, tile, old hardwood).
  • Any tacks or staples used to secure prior floor covering to be removed.
  • Floor sand to level high points in subfloor.
  • Any low points in subfloor to be filled with levelling compound.
  • Clean any filings, dust, or debris.

As part of our pre-installation preparation, we will also remove any waste from the preparation process.


Hardwood flooring installation

Following preparation, one of our flooring experts will come on site and install your new hardwood floors.

Please see the item ‘What to expect next’ at the bottom of this quote for a detailed breakdown of the installation schedule.

* Price listed includes labor and on-site visit charges.



We understand how frustrating it can be to make the major decision to install new flooring, only to be met by major delays. Because of this, on acceptance of this quote, one of our staff will call you back within the hour to arrange a date and time for your job. Further, we guarantee your installation will be completed no more than 20 business days after booking your job.

If there are any delays or changes to schedule, we will notify you at least 24 hours beforehand.

What to expect next

While the installation process itself (including preparation with sanding, filling, and cleaning) will take 3 days, the hardwood floors then require further sanding and three coats of polyurethane, adding a few days to your timeline.

Additionally, please be prepared for noise and dust resulting from the installation and sanding process.

All tools, equipment, and supplies are cleared from the site on completion.

A typical schedule of installation is as follows:

  • Day 1: Preparation of surface for installation.
  • Day 2: Installation of hardwood flooring.
  • Day 3: Flooring is sanded, and coated with polyurethane.
  • Day 4 & 5: Further two coats of polyurethane applied.
  • Day 6: While the polyurethane coating hardens, the floor can be walked on in clean, dry socks, but as it’s not fully hardened, no heavy furniture can be moved back yet.
  • Day 7: Safe to move back furniture - job complete.

Note: As polyurethane takes five to seven days to fully harden, care is encouraged and it is ideal to hold off the full seven days to move furniture back into place, to ensure no impact damage or scuffing is caused.

10 year guarantee

The high quality, durability of hardwood floors can last for decades, and with natural age and wear actively improving the look and feel of your hardwood floors with time, you can be assured your choice of flooring is a worthwhile investment in peace of mind for years to come.

At Floored we are so sure of our products that we guarantee them for a full 10 years against any manufacturing or installation faults... though we know they’ll last for decades after that.

Benefits of hardwood flooring

The benefits of hardwood flooring are many and varied, but one of the most compelling benefits is the ability to allergy-proof your home against dust mites, fleas or pet dander, meaning that you can breathe easy and enjoy your home free of stuffy noses.

Hardwood floors are also hygienic and easy to clean, making cleaning up after children, pets, or a wild dinner party, a breeze. A great alternative to carpet in the dining room area.

Payment terms and conditions

On acceptance of this quote, Floored requires a 20% deposit of the total quoted price accepted here.

This deposit will be invoiced at the time of quote acceptance, and is required to be paid before the job commences.
The balance of this quote will be invoiced on completion of the job, and is due 7 days following invoice date, unless otherwise agreed upon by Floored and the customer.

We accept payment by cash, credit card, or online bank transfer - please contact us if there are any unforeseen issues with payment.

About Floored

At Floored, we understand that a large portion of decision making is confined to personal budget requirements. Due to this, we offer a range of materials and services that will fit within your budget. Our staff are fully versed on the flooring industry, and what options are available in all price brackets, ensuring you make a selection you can comfortably afford, while still meeting your expectations of style and quality.


Amazing service from a flexible, hardworking, and honest team. Within a day of contacting them, a full quote was received, and installation was booked for the next week - what a breeze!
by Anna Burton
I cannot recommend these folks higher for their professionalism, and the quality of materials they use. All promises were kept, all deadlines were met. Communication was clear and pleasant - if you’re looking at new hardwood… Show More
by Sophia Turner
These rock stars were able to restore the hardwood floors in my historic house, rather than replace them. The care and sensitivity they gave the restoration process was so thoughtful, and really kept the soul of my home in tact :)
by Gary Hunter

Hardwood Flooring / Dining Room

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