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Timber boundary fencing

Turn your home into your sanctuary with high quality fencing

Fencing that perfectly suits the house it borders is a must-have for homeowners wanting stylish, impactful curb appeal.

Not only that, but timber fencing is the perfect option for homeowners who want to absorb noise from nearby roads, shelter their property from strong winds, or provide privacy, while still incorporating the warmth of timber to complement the natural elements of their property.

Fence details

Fence height: 6 ft
Fence length: 395 ft
Timber type: Pine

Featuring vertically interlocking panels, shiplap fences are a sturdy favorite of property owners worldwide.

Our shiplap fences offer premium privacy and shelter, as well as the classic appeal of their smart aesthetic design.

Price is per foot, and inclusive of materials and installation

Warm toned shiplap timber boundary fencing
High quality timber shiplap boundary fence at luxury property


x 395


Offering both style and functionality, our trellis top fence design allows an extension to the height of your fencing that’s unobtrusive and attractive.

Stylish trellis tops shiplap fencing, the perfect choice for homes who want to incorporate greenery, as climbing plants can be easily trained to climb our trellis fences to soften their look.

Price is per foot, and inclusive of materials and installation

Close up of timber trellis top boundary fencing
Extensive trellis top timber boundary fencing at suburban home


x 395


Not selected

Stain color: Nutmeg
Type: Oil stain, semi-transparent

Applying a high quality oil stain to your new fence will extend its lifespan by protecting against UV damage and repelling water.

A warm colored stain also helps to bring out the natural beauty of timber grain, increasing the attractiveness of your fence and adding to overall curb appeal.

Price is per square foot, and inclusive of materials required for staining

Warm timber fence stain on trellis top boundary fence
Rich brown stained timber fence on boundary of high end property
Beautiful warm wood stain on timber shiplap boundary fence


x 2,370


Next steps

After acceptance, we will contact you to discuss times and dates to begin work on your new fence. We will also provide an estimation of how long the work will take to complete.

If you haven’t had a fence at your property before, and you haven’t yet had a full and complete land survey done to confirm relevant boundary lines, we would recommend having this done by the team at Good Measure land surveying before work begins.


Our talented staff possess the technical expertise to ensure all fencing is installed to the highest standard, in compliance with all relevant local building codes.

Workmanship guarantee
We back our work with a 1 year workmanship guarantee, giving you peace of mind that your new fence will be installed properly.

Manufacturer guarantee
While all timber will involve minor movement, all materials we use are covered by a robust 5 year manufacturer guarantee covering failure of materials or major warping.

If you aren’t happy with either our workmanship, or how your fence is performing, we will repair or replace it at no charge to you.

About The Boundary Co.

Staffed by a team of experienced and passionate individuals, The Boundary Co. prides itself on providing the best selection of fencing materials and fence treatments in the region.

Servicing customers at both residential and commercial properties, the selection of stock we offer is varied, with consistently high quality customer service and installation across the board.

Backed by 50 years of experience in the home improvements and fencing industry, our staff have the knowledge to offer insightful advice on the fence style, color, and material that best suits your property.


Always punctual, always friendly, always easy to work with! We’ve called on this team for multiple different jobs over the years - from storm-damaged repair, to brand new boundary fences, and they’ve handled every situation… Show More
by Sophia Turner
Our new fence makes our property look brand new. The workmanship involved in this new addition is truly stunning. Our only regret is not going ahead with it sooner!
by Gary Hunter
I can’t say enough good things about our new trellis top fencing. Our new build house really needed help to look like a home with some soul - our new fencing has allowed some beautiful climbing flowers to make quick work of that!
by Anna Burton

Timber boundary fencing

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