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Retrofit double glazed window installation

Soundproof, weatherproof, thermal performance

Invest in the healthy enjoyment of your home with quality double glazing. Double glazed windows not only protect against drafts and improve the strength and durability of your windows, they make your home more comfortable with guaranteed improvements in temperature regulation and UV ray reduction.

At a substantial 40% denser than air, coupling your new double glazing with safe argon gas in between each of the window panes further protects you against temperature extremes, condensation, noise, and sun damage.

Retrofitted double glazed windows

Window pane dimensions: 44" x 44"
R-value: 3.85

Featuring the highest quality glass with low-emissivity coating, in a neutral and calming blue‑gray. Your double glazed windows offer protection against temperature fluctuations due to weather, as well as from damaging UV rays.

3D rendering double glazed window parts


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Location: Master bedroom

Your new double glazed windows will be installed using safe and efficient methods by one of our talented glaziers to ensure absolute airtightness.

Installation typically takes half a day, and you’re welcome to be home during the installation process should you want to be.

Double glazed window being installed


Completing the thermal performance of your double glazed windows, safe and non-toxic argon gas will be added between the airtight space between the two panes, further deterring heat loss.


After acceptance

We will contact you within 24 hours to lock down dates and times for installation.

Payment and terms

We require a deposit of 20% on acceptance of your quote. The balance of your total is due on work completion.

Payment is gratefully received via either credit, check, cash, or online funds transfer. If paying via online funds transfer, please use your surname and quote number as the reference.


Timely, friendly service with fantastic end results! We’d been despairing over our ‘crying windows’ every winter for years, and the investment in double glazing has yielded immediate rewards in terms of a drier home.
by Gary Hunter
Instant upgrade! The general climate of our house was transformed by professionally installed double glazing. The warmer months are more temperate, the colder months less harsh. We couldn’t recommend them more highly!
by Anna Burton
Simply the most noticeable means of sound proofing available to homeowners. Our new house is right beside a busy road, so we had to take immediate measures to protect our sanity against the constant commotion. From quoting  More
by Sophia Turner

Retrofit double glazed window installation

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