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Custom cakes and cake decorating

Live well - eat cake.

From first contact to final presentation, we work closely with our customers to understand their vision. Our Treat Engineers and Decoration Officers have a combined experience of over 50 years in the baking and decorating industry, and can promise you a cake that will truly satisfy.

Chocolate cake featuring figs and blackberries
Macaron and berry wedding cake
Chocolate wedding cake with flowers and macarons
Wedding cake on wooden base
Rustic wedding cake with flowers

Wedding cake

Style: Half-dressed
Flavor: Vanilla, caramel buttercream
Size: 6″ x 9″ x 12″
Serves: 100

Our classic three-tiered wedding cake size is modernized in a stunningly refined-rustic ‘half-dressed’ style.

Featuring delectable, time-tested and traditional vanilla sponge, your ‘lighter than air’ cake sandwiches luscious caramel buttercream filling.

Your three-tiered cake will be tastefully decorated with edible flowers, a sparse spread of icing, and will feed up to 100 guests.


Installation and display

On the day of your celebration, the team at Bonbon Vivant will transport, install and
present your treats.

We ensure all parts are transported and arrive at their destination safely and deliciously.

Please note: any cake stands or display materials remain the property of Bonbon Vivant.


The finest quality creations - guaranteed

Bonbon Vivant fully understands the importance of using premium ingredients to create premium creations. All our baking and decorating stock is sourced from trusted, locally made and owned suppliers.

If you’re not 100% happy with your custom cake, we will refund you in full - no questions asked.

Payment terms and conditions

  • We accept all major credit cards. Payment is due on pick-up.
  • Approval of concept and design is required before baking commences.
  • This order will be ready no less than one hour before the event is due to start.
  • Any variation or alteration to the conditions and specifications may increase the quoted price.

Taste great, look great

A common complaint in the custom cake and decorating industry is that the cake looks beautiful, but the baking is poor or doesn’t taste as delicious as it should.

This is why Bonbon Vivant offers a team of experienced cake bakers, as well as cake decorators - across the board, we have the skillset to ensure your cake is a true celebration, from first sight to first mouthful.

From goofy, humorous cakes, to delicate treats for occasions of reverence such as weddings or christenings, we ensure no two creations will be the same, but guarantee all will bring you joy.

And, if you’re looking for fabulous food to complement your stunning cake, we’d highly recommend our sister company for catering, The River Kitchen.

Bonbon Vivant Decoration Officer
Roll out the pink royal icing
Finishing touches
Decoration Officer in action


Simply the best in the business! They responded to a last minute cake order within an hour of placing it, and were able to deliver said cake the very next morning! Such a relief to have such a reliable team to call on :)
by Gary Hunter
These cakes exceed expectations on both taste and style! So many novelty cakes I’ve tasted over the years have seriously compromised on taste to look good, but the cake these guys created was fun AND amazingly delicious.
by Anna Burton
Taste and quality are of prime importance here - after hunting around for somewhere to cater a large spread of baked goods for the varying dietary requirements at a recent regional board meeting at my workplace, I am so glad I came across these good folks!
by Sophia Turner

Custom cakes and cake decorating

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