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Asbestos testing service

Safe and thorough asbestos testing services

AsbestoSure provides full service, end to end asbestos testing solutions for both residential and commercial sites, at a price point that fits all.

Asbestos can be an insidious health hazard in the home, and safe removal is no easy feat. When disturbed by common home improvements, maintenance, or general aging of materials, asbestos fibers can become airborne. These airborne asbestos fibers are highly toxic when inhaled, and require fastidious safety processes to handle to protect against contamination.

Our team is fully trained, experienced, and licensed to industry standards to identify and test for asbestos using best practices to ensure complete safety to our customers and the wider community.

Residential asbestos testing package

The process of testing your property for asbestos involves two distinct steps, carried out by licensed asbestos assessors:

1. Site inspection and sample gathering
One of our licensed asbestos assessors will carry out a full visual inspection of your home, identifying any obviously contaminated areas.

Material samples will then be gathered from any areas that were identified as probable contaminants, as well as areas that are typically associated with asbestos contamination, such as the roof, walls, and insulation.

If asbestos is found in any of your home’s insulation, we can recommend our peers at Cozy Insulation to discuss replacements.

2. Sample testing and report
Samples from your property will then be tested in our purpose-built laboratory, and detailed reports covering whether contamination was found, where, and at what concentration, will be supplied to you.


After acceptance

We will be in touch to lock in a date and time to begin work at your home. Here we’ll run through the finer details of the process with you.

Should you need to reschedule your job for any reason, please contact us within 48 hours of your booking date.

Safety guarantee

Asbestos testing is important but highly dangerous work, so at AsbestoSure, we prioritize the safety of both our licensed asbestos assessors and customers.

We have robust and thorough processes in place from the very beginning of each job for absolute protection for workers and clients alike, such as the use of full and proper personal protective equipment (protective suits, masks, gloves), and safe disposal of any contaminated materials through proper asbestos disposal channels.

These processes ensure minimal exposure to contaminated, hazardous materials, and in turn zero harm to all parties.

Payment and terms

  • We politely request payment in full on acceptance of your quote.
  • Payment can be made via cash, check, online bank transfer, or any major credit card.
  • If you’d like to make payment via online bank transfer, please use your quote number and surname as the payment reference.

About us

With more than 25 years of experience with asbestos inspection and testing, AsbestoSure is proud to provide the very best asbestos testing services in the region.

Our commitment to total safety and compliance is backed up with ongoing training and staff development, as well as utilizing new technology and best practices for hazardous material management. All of our licensed asbestos assessors are fully certified to national standards in proper asbestos management practice, and undertake compliance training each year.

The risk of asbestos contamination is severe, and can potentially affect any party that comes into contact with even minimal trace amounts of airborne fibers. We treat this threat to health with absolute seriousness, and carry out thorough and exhaustive material disposal and anti-contamination measures.

Whether you’re a residential or commercial property owner, your peace of mind and the safety of those that live and use your property is of paramount importance. Trust the experts, trust AsbestoSure.

Two workers in the process of removing asbestos from roof
Close up of roofing materials with asbestos


Fantastic service during a stressful time! This team worked quickly and thoroughly to test our home for the asbestos we discovered during a recent kitchen remodel. Absolutely recommend to anyone in need of trustworthy asbestos testing services.
by Gary Hunter
Straight-forward, honest pricing and high quality work. We were happy to work with such a knowledgeable team, and felt like our property was truly in good hands.
by Anna Burton
Having worked with this team on several properties that my company is developing, I simply wouldn’t go anywhere else! They’re timely, safety-conscious, and always provide competitive pricing.
by Sophia Turner

Asbestos testing service

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