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Moxham Street House Architectural Design

Thank you for choosing Axton & Adley

Our dedicated team of award-winning architects are delighted with the opportunity to work with you on your upcoming residential build.

We are industry leaders with a passion for what we do. We pride ourselves in being innovative yet functional, with build designs that nod to modern architectural trends while still providing the warmth of a home.

Finished product of architecturally designed, modern, angular house with backyard pool
Stunning architecturally designed home with two storey floor to ceiling windows and modern interior
Spacious modern house, designed by architect, featuring outdoor entertainment spaces and multi-level floor to ceiling windows
Modernized version of countryside family home, designed by an architect to perfectly suit surrounding landscape

Residential build design package

We believe cost transparency is paramount to customer comfort. In light of this, we charge a flat rate per full home that is architecturally designed by us.

Our comprehensive residential build design package includes all documentation, designs, and work (as outlined below).

The approximate timeframe for this work is typically 3 months from first meeting to construction administration.


Our process

At Axton & Adley, we pride ourselves in being transparent, detail-oriented, and thorough. Our architectural design process typically includes six stages, and is designed to include you as much (or as little) as you’d like. We strive to always provide an easily followable timeline to understand what’s currently going on with your job.

We prioritise communication, so if there are any changes to expected timelines we will contact you right away.

On acceptance of this quote, you can expect the following:

{ 1. } Our first meeting

The first step in your journey with us, is a simple chat either at our studio, your property site, or current home - whichever is most convenient and comfortable for you.

This is a no obligation chat where we hope you’ll share with us your wildest architectural dreams, hold nothing back in terms of your absolute best case scenario outcomes, and of course discuss anything that concerns you, or functionality that you would like included in your designs.

We will in turn showcase a number of our recent projects, and walk you through how our design philosophies have informed the end product.

{ 2. } Pre-design

Prior to design work beginning on your project, we will create a comprehensive architectural brief which includes details relating to project feasibility and a full analysis of your build site.

{ 3. } Design Phase

We tie up the initial stages of our process by identifying and detailing any potential constraints within the proposed site, marrying up architectural solutions that answer these constraints at a conceptual level, and drafting 3D concept drawings - this will include room by room design details, with cabinetry and fittings suggested throughout.

At the conclusion of this stage, your build is defined sufficiently to clearly break down costs, understand the scope of work, and finalize the look and feel of the architecture.

{ 4. } Documentation Phase

During the documentation stage we will compose a detailed description of the building work which will eventually form the contract between you and your builder. This will include pulling together all schedules, drawings, contracts, and specifications. We will then present this to local councils for consents.

{ 5. } Permitting

Following the thorough documentation submitted in the previous step, we then wait for permits to be granted. This can be a lengthy but important process, with your architect providing any additional information to the council to aid in speedy conclusion of this process.

{ 6. } Construction Administration

In this final stage, we lock in a contractor to do your build - this may involve a bidding process where proposed work is submitted to several contractors, for you to then decide on the best proposal among them.

Payment and terms

Payment is invoiced as work progresses, and each invoice is due 7 days after the date of invoice (unless otherwise arranged).

We accept payment via eftpos, credit card, online funds transfer, or check.

Your designs and any documentation relating to your design are owned by you once payment is complete.

About us

Axton & Adley have been connoisseurs of great residential design for two decades. Our residential design work has been featured in architectural digests, home design magazines, and remodelling television shows.

Our in-house architects all have industry recognized certifications, and have studied at some of the world’s most well-respected universities.

We work hard to foster positive relationships with local councils and building authorities to assist in smooth permit processing for our clients. We also work with a great interior decorating team who can help with your interior fitout.


A constant source of reassuring calm amidst the stress of a full house remodel! I couldn’t recommend this team higher, they were always ahead of the curve, pre-empting needs and proactively working out details with contractors… Show More
by Sophia Turner
Turned the ‘worst house on the best street’ into the BEST house on the best street. The talent and vision of the architect we worked with from Axton & Adley was nothing short of inspired! Thanks for all your help.
by Gary Hunter
Always on time, always within budget, we could not recommend these folks any higher! The architect who assisted our recent house build was knowledgeable, pleasant, and fully understood our design goals. We finally have our dream home :)
by Anna Burton

Moxham Street House Architectural Design

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