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Mobile app development

Develop your dream

This modern age offers an app for everything, so don’t let your business fall behind - embrace the future of app-driven business with a custom app, developed to perfectly suit your business’s unique needs.

With a focus on data security, innovative design, and usability, our team is fully equipped to distil both your creative vision and functional requirements into a sleek, fully-operational app.

Stage 1: Design

During the design stage of creating your custom app, we will work primarily on the UX (user experience) and UI (user interface). This generally involves the following aspects:

Creating the wireframe:* A basic collection of each screen that’s required, and where these screens will fit functionally when being used by your app. Wireframes can be fairly extensive, which allows for a clear vision of how efficient it is for a user to get from point A to point B, and overall insight into how your app flows.
Design concepts:* Using a handful of your app’s key screens, we explore various design concepts, to find how to best present your app’s content.

If you’re looking to update your branding alongside with your new mobile app, we highly recommend our sister company; oneᵇᶜ, for all your graphic design needs.


Stage 2: Development and Testing

Once all the basic design of your app has been settled on, we hand over to the developers. This stage involves:

  • Prototypes: Combining the content of your app’s wireframe and design concepts, we will put together a prototype of your app. This prototype is a very basic iteration of your app, which includes tappable ‘hotspots’ that allow you to move from screen to screen, giving a real feel for what the final product will look like.
  • Development of your app: Our developers will bring your designs to life. Your new mobile app will be developed to work smoothly on all major platforms.
  • Testing: Ensuring your app is as appealing functionally as it is visually, our team will carry out a robust set of tests geared towards finding any potential weak spots or faults in both the design and functionality. If any issues are identified, we will work them out, and factor these improvements into a new iteration of your app, before testing again until no issues are found.


Stage 3: Deployment

With your new app complete and ready to be unleashed on the wider public, we then carry out deployment of your app to the major app stores.

Your app will be easily searchable by your customers, who can then download and use it the same as any other major app on the market today.


The process of creating a successful app goes beyond just design, development, and deployment. Once in the hands of users, questions, teething-issues, and bugs may crop up that require timely fixes. Not only that, but if your app offers time-sensitive offers or coupons, these need timely updates to remain relevant and up to date.

The best approach to ensure the continued success of your app, is regularly scheduled maintenance.

Our in-house experts will check in every month and carry out routine maintenance that includes:

  • Updates to your app including any amendments to app content, additional pages, etc
  • Security checks to ensure the integrity of user’s data
  • Analytics based on data gathered from your app’s users, relating to downloads, location and time of use, etc
  • Detailed reporting of any bugs that have been reported by users, rolling out fixes for said bugs

Pricing is valid with minimum 12 month term commitment.


x 1


per month

After acceptance

We will be in touch to discuss significant dates and times relating to your app development project, such as when you’d like to begin work, and if there are any deadline end dates that need to be met.


With any custom built project, comes the uncertainty of how long said project will actually take. We understand that our clients have deadlines that must be met, so we guarantee that we will meet or beat any agreed upon dates.

If these deadlines are not met, we’ll discount your overall price by 5% per working day of delays.

About oh neato

At oh neato, we’ve been honing our skills in the app development world for as long as apps have been around. With backgrounds in web design, IT, advertisement design, and business consultancy, the spread of experience our team has offers a unique range of skills to craft the best possible app for your business.

As our agency handles both design and development, we’re able to create highly functional apps that work well and look great. Not only that, but we prioritize robust and exhaustive testing to guarantee that your app works as smoothly as possible, right from launch day.

With happy clients based all over the world, representing large corporations and government organizations, to small businesses and startups, whatever your requirements, we have just the app for you.

Payment and Terms

  • We require a deposit of 20% on acceptance of this quote
  • The remainder of the total amount is due on completion of work
  • We accept payment via cash, check, credit, or online funds transfer
  • Usage rights for all designs and code associated with your app are yours once full payment has been made


Took my vision and brought it to life! This team’s ability to translate my wild ramblings into a functional, beautifully designed app is truly amazing. I highly recommend to all in need of quality app development.
by Gary Hunter
Each step of the process was so easy - from the initial design meeting, to the ongoing upkeep of the app. For such a big, high stakes project, I can’t imagine a more painless experience!
by Anna Burton
An absolute delight to work with. No question was too silly, no request too outlandish, with everything being completed in budget and on time.
by Sophia Turner

Mobile app development

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