You and Your Customers Will Love Quotient

The magic starts when your customer receives an email with a personal-to-them link to view your quote. Your link will open in any browser on any device without any special software to download.

New Quote Email

Present your business in the best light

Look even more impressive by including images, files and website links directly on your Quotes. Being online your Quotes will have a whole new level of engagement leading to greater success.

Proposal Example

Give your customer the option to pick and choose

Create Items that are Optional or Multiple Choice, where customers can pick one out of few options. This saves back and forth messages. Let them decide what suits.

Items can also be nominated with Editable Quantities. The total price is calculated on the fly with an on-screen easy-to-understand summary.

Quote Options
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Questions and answers directly in your Quote

Your customer can post a Question directly on your Quote. Everyone is instantly notified so you’re all on the same page, with a Q&A ‘paper trail’ staying with your Quote through to acceptance.

Quote Customer Question

Click-to-accept, anytime, anywhere

We’ve made it easy to accept Quotes online while keeping your lawyers happy. The “I accept…” checkbox must be checked before the accept button can be clicked. This action gives you assurance that the deal is in fact going ahead and has the added benefit of being legally binding.

One Click Acceptance

Create Quotes in one easy step

It takes just a single screen, then you’re ready to send. Lookup a Contact, give your Quote a title, enter your Items and you’re done.

Editing a Quote

Templates and Items save time

Turn any Quote into a Template which makes it even quicker to start your next Quote. You can also save Items which can be reused and looked up when adding Items to a new Quote or another Template in the future.

Proposal Templates and Items
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See exactly where your customer is at

Gain powerful insights by seeing how many times a Quote has been opened and when it was last viewed. You’ll know if it’s time to follow up or focus on other deals.

See Quote Opened

Meet the Dashboard. The heartbeat of your business

The Dashboard is where you get to see what’s happening with your Quotes right now. Think of it as a bird’s eye view where you can quickly zoom in for more detail.

Quotient Dashboard

Easy-to-understand stats

The beautiful Dashboard stats present your sales performance in an easy to digest way. While simple in appearance, you can dig deep to gain meaningful insights into how your business is performing.

Dashboard Statistics

All organised in one place

Keep your finger on the pulse by viewing Quotes in one place and know what’s hot and what isn’t. You can set old Quotes to automatically expire or archive them if the lead has gone cold.

Search Quotes and Proposals
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Team work, made easy

Quotient is intuitive and easy to use which means your team will be up and running fast. The more they use it the more they’ll embrace your new sales process. That’s definitely good for business.

Your team can also communicate with each other privately, which is good when multiple people work with the same customers.

Quotient for Teams

Use Quotient anywhere

Everything you can do with Quotient on your desktop can easily be done on your phone, your tablet and your laptop – from browsing and searching, to editing and sending Quotes.

Quotient on Mobile

Connect with other apps

Streamline your workflow further and send invoices to your accounting software, or lookup contacts from your favourite CRM. No more double handling. Learn more…
Add-ons: Capsule, Xero, Insightly, MailChimp,  QuickBooks, Highrise

Want to see more? Get inspired with these Quote Examples.

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