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Quotient a month ago  
I am writing in to express my gratitude for the great service extended even when was stationed for work out of Singapore. My laptop was giving me some problems and I had a deadline to meet but your swift response & technical  More
by Corine
Quotient 5 months ago  
I had installation problems when I switched to my new desktop, and was so glad that they responded very promptly & got my problems solved within the same day..
by Agnes
Quotient 8 months ago  
Good service with reasonable charges. Recommended 👍👍
by Ang Lay Bee
Quotient a year ago  
very prompt and good service
by Catherine Heng
Quotient a year ago  
Excellent. Great team & most importantly fast in getting things moving for your organisation. iSpeed Solutions offers a wide range of services including and beyond IT solutions.
by Kelvin Lam
Quotient a year ago  
The service was fast, easy and efficient. Many thanks for your kind assistance.
by Joyce Fong
Quotient a year ago  
The team staff is very good in attitude and service, also very professional and efficient, the products purchased are very helpful to our staff's work efficiency and problem-solving ability
by Li Si
Quotient a year ago  
Experience in what they do. Good after service as well!
by Larry Koh
Quotient a year ago  
Follow up is good
by Della Wong
Quotient a year ago  
Price are reasonable and so far service is reliable.
by Ben
Quotient a year ago  
Very attentive and able to resolve our issue and concern. Thank you.
by Charles Chin
Quotient a year ago  
Very helpful and responsive in all the inquiries and assistance I've been asking.
by Danny Yahya
Quotient a year ago  
Great and fast service. Value for money. No point waiting for the IT fair. This is a better deal
by Faizal Bin Abdul Wahab
Quotient 2 years ago  
Excellent support.
Gives good advice.
by TK Lim
Quotient 2 years ago  
Good service provided. Listen to all our queries and resolve our issues quickly and efficiently.
by Frankie Tong
Quotient 2 years ago  
The team at iSpeed is always prompt and ever willing to help. Highly recommended!
by Mrs Liz Thong
Quotient 2 years ago  
Fast response and service. Satisfied.
by Sian Ching Sim
Quotient 2 years ago  
Great service. Prompt in replies. Reliable
by Margaret Toh
Quotient 2 years ago  
Fast Response to requisitions.
by CH Lim
Quotient 2 years ago  
Have been engaging them for services for 4 years and experience is good! Flexible and responsive.
by Hung Weoi Liow
Quotient 2 years ago  
Ispeed provides excellent IT support.
by Jade Du
Quotient 2 years ago  
Fast and efficient. Very professional and patience with users. Keep up the good job!
by Rena Lee
Quotient 2 years ago  
Professional in service with prompt respond. 👍
by Daisy Teo
Quotient 2 years ago  
Excellent Service Team
by CW Jane
Quotient 2 years ago  
Knowledgeable in Windows servers and fast in providing solutions.
by Bun Hong Goh
Quotient 2 years ago  
Able to solve our problems fast.
by Manny Goh
Quotient 2 years ago  
With IT services, you expect the best, quick response and fast solutions. ISpeed definitely delivers!
by Joan Lim
Quotient 2 years ago  
iSpeed helped us to migrate our business email hosting recently.
All our specific requirement was addressed smoothly and timely, they are always reliable and prompt in their service!
by K M Teng
Quotient 2 years ago  
Staff is very helpful and efficient. Company assisted by loaning a laptop for use whilst awaiting arrival of new purchase.
by Michael
Quotient 2 years ago  
Responsive, responsible and personalized service. Have been with iSpeed for 15 years
by Gabriel Lee
Quotient 2 years ago  
ETA of products have been worked on in a timely manner with good efforts.
by Por Lai Tay
Quotient 2 years ago  
Responsive & competent. Able to resolve problems timely.
by Donna Oh
Quotient 3 years ago  
So far no issues. Forthcoming and prompt in action.
by Leonard Chia
Quotient 3 years ago  
Responsive Team, great to work with.
by Evon Estrop
Quotient 3 years ago  
Always do their best recommendation and solution. Willing to cater to individual client needs 👍
by Vincent Ho
Quotient 3 years ago  
Good servicing
by Lourdes Chuah
Quotient 3 years ago  
good and efficient service
on time and friendly people
by Dr Aneez DB Ahmed
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