The incredibly simple quoting system for your business.

Present your quotes in an innovative way and give your customers the power to click and accept your offer instantly! – all securely in a web browser.

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Still sending quotes as an email attachment? Sharpen up!

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    Presentation is king! Look innovative and professional

    Stand out from your competitors and impress your customers by presenting your products or services in the most simple-slick way!

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    One-click acceptance and instant email confirmation

    Accepting a quote is simple, the acceptance checkbox has the added benefit of being legally binding.

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    Organize and search all your quotes in one place!

    Keep on top of your good leads, optionally specify the days a quote is valid until and archive them when the good leads go cold.

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    Super efficient, with practically zero configuration

    It’s really quick to get started, you can create and send your first quote in a matter of minutes. Define your ideal quote as a template – saving even more time.

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    Track quotes you’ve sent and when they were last viewed

    By seeing how many times a quote has been opened and when it was last viewed you’ll know when it’s time to follow up.

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    Statistics – measure your performance over time

    See the value of accepted quotes from the past 30 days and of all time. There’s a nifty rolling 30 day average you’ll read like your business pulse.

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Quotient plays nicely with Xero

Create a Xero invoice automatically from an accepted quote, all relevant details are included:

  • Line items, quantities and prices.
  • The customer acceptance order/reference number.
  • Contact information.
  • A permanent link back to your quote for easy future reference.
  • Send when quotes are accepted OR archived 
… or click-to-send to Xero manually.

Also, include Xero contacts in search results when looking up Quotient contacts.

Xero – beautiful accounting software, find out more or try Xero for free.

Quotient quotes send an invoice direct to Xero

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